Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's been some time since I've felt like sharing. The latest in the Wheeler house:

I pick up raw milk every Saturday, and from that raw milk I've made raw butter and raw buttermilk. I suppose I don't have to say raw butter/raw buttermilk since I told you it comes from raw milk... but I did. Tyler said, "You know we can just buy that at the store, right?" And I said, "No we can't! because stores don't carry raw butter or raw milk or raw buttermilk because it's illegal." It has made my toast so exciting. I added buttermilk to some cookies and they are amazing.

Well, Leon... We are in a fight. We are in a fight between 9pm-3am when he wakes up hourly wailing. I discovered a tooth next to his top/front/big tooth this morning. It's poked through, so I expect normal sleep patterns from here on out, and I'll be ordering some Lavender because four nights of very interrupted sleep makes me grumpy pants. But man I love this little monster boy.

He is a champ at walking now, and stands up in the middle of the room. Bends over to pick things up. It's a miracle, really. I watched him stand up from sitting on the floor and it was as miraculous as a person floating their legs up into handstand. Imagine if we put as much work into something as a little baby does into walking, or picking up things with their fingers. We'd be exhausted. We'd probably sleep really well, unless we were also getting teeth while exerting that type of effort.

We had the house painted. Tyler and I got into a fight about light fixtures. Actually light fixtures was just the veil over our fight about how we make decisions. Tyler says it's up to me, and then I make a decision that he hates and he says no. Then he says "Let's just do nothing," and I yell at him. Shortly after an extended silence and mad faces, he said, "Well. Wanna stay married?"

A friend recommended a book called Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer and it's been very good. He talks about being true to your nature, and how if you choose to not be authentic, you're actually not loving those around you, including yourself. I need to hear that every once in a while. God made us beautifully.

A quote from the book... of a quote from Florida Scott Maxwell - "You need only claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. When you truly possess all you have been and done... you are fierce with reality." It was very humbling to read that.

Well, I'm off to clean the humidifiers. Oh, here are some pictures.

I got my hair done. She darkened it, trimmed it, and wanded it. 

The toy box/pantry. 

Leon loves Tyler so much. 

Sometime we take a break midway between diaper changes.