Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ok, so the other day I was in a group of women. I had been spending time with my dad so perhaps this weird side of me was energized... I don't know. Let me go back for a second.

My dad is funny and weird, and people just either laugh at him or they totally don't get him. You can tell if a waiter is going to like him after he introduces all twelve people at the table to them, and if they laugh we're in. If they are like "... Ok, here are the specials..." then it's going to be an awkward dinner.

Here is a made up example of an interaction between my dad and I... or maybe it really happened. It probably did. Say my coffee is cold, so I go to reheat it in the microwave, and he says "Wait! Don't do that!" in a panic voice. I ask why. He replies, "Cuz. Microwaves.... they'll kill ya." So I either laugh and microwave my coffee, or if I didn't know him I'd be like "this guy is a weirdo."

Back to the group of women. Two girls were talking about putting their cell phones inside their jean jacket pocket (by their boob) and I said, "Oh! Don't do that! That's bad for your boobs... Wi-fi............... It'll give you breast cancer." There was more awkward silence, one girl replied that she wasn't worried about it. More silence. That's when having a baby comes in handy. And this was the point when I went upstairs and stared at napping Leon for a minute and thought about whether I had the energy to cry or not.

I asked my friend Lauren about it. I said, "did you think there was a moment?" and she said "OH! There was definitely a moment." So I didn't make this up in my head. Anyway, I've explained before on here that when I make jokes or comments, I'm normally mocking myself. Like, of course I believe wi-fi from your phone gives you breast/brain cancer. Mostly because I've read articles about it... so it must be true. It makes sense though, right? Anyway. Anyway. Anyway.

I texted one of the girls who wore the jean jacket who nicely commented "I'm not too worried about that" to break up the awkward silence to say "Hey, next time I give you a health tidbit, just same my name in a weird voice. I'll get it." She laughed and said she appreciated my opinion-sharing, even if we didn't agree. She said I had a good heart.

I fear that if I seriously share my opinions on anything health related, and so on... people will be like "Whoa, lay off the heavy conversation." But if I make jokes? Is that better? Not if people don't get my joke that I actually mean seriously but don't expect anyone to take seriously, I guess. So then I think about all this stuff and decide mostly to just be quiet forever and ever. Amen.

Lastly, I did a 30 minute pilates video yesterday and my RIBS hurt.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I made an email address for Leon. I've been emailing him, and it's super fun. Easier than a baby book, can't burn in a fire, and can't get lost. I'm more likely to type a bunch than write a small paragraph.

I'm so tired. My parents were here this weekend. We went to a cards game, which was pretty awesome but a little tough with a 5 month old. We were in the BOA Club seats, so we had access to a buffet and open bar. It was cold. Leon was pretty much in shock the whole time with all of the cheering. We left in the 6th inning. I just reread this paragraph, and it's very factual! I forgot the part where I said we had fun :) At one point, dad got up to take our picture and yelled, "Everyone say, 'YADIER MO-LINAAAAA!!!!!!!'" we were laughing hard. Also, once I looked away from the game for.. a while? And when I looked back I didn't realize who was on the field. I said "Get him! Get him! Get him! WOOOOHOOOO!" when they got the guy out at first... but, wrong team. I was embarassed.

We went to The Royale for lunch on Saturday. They have the best fish tacos. Then mom and I shopped my favorite soap store called Herbaria. I love that place. I want to eat all the smells there. I want to be the smells.

Leon was dedicated Sunday morning. He jumped on my lap the whole time, and when our Elder prayed over him, he straightened his whole body and stared at Jeremy with wondering eyes and a mouth open smile. So funny. My arms were burning. He is always moving.

We had a Gospel Community cookout Sunday for lunch. There were probably around 30 people over. My tiredness and introversion hit. When you're in a kitchen full of women and you have all these things you could contribute to the conversation, but it's too exhausting to try... I don't know. I just went upstairs and watched Leon nap for a minute. I wanted to stay up there.

This morning I just wanted to stay home and snuggle my boy, but I had to teach yoga. I dropped Leon off at Whitney's. I talked to Ange all the way to my class... then no one showed up. The girl who organizes it came to meet me and said several people forgot their clothes or had meetings. I said fine. I mean, as long as I still get paid, we're good. So I went back to Whitney's, we ate lunch, went for a walk by the river, and got ice cream! It was so good.

A good Monday to follow up and good weekend.

Edit: I need to add. I love teaching yoga. The fact is that I have to leave my house 45 minutes early, drop Leon off, and drive 40 minutes round trip. It really isn't about money. I enjoy teaching. But when I put a lot of work into getting there and having a kick ass sequence, and people show up late or don't come, I feel like I've done my part and should be compensated. As I reread that earlier paragraph, it just sounded icky. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

How quickly God answers you walk-home prayers, your blog prayers, your prayers you never actually say... perhaps he even hears your wishes, the ones that feel to small to bother Him with.

I think he loves answering those wishes. He's like, hey, I want your husband to let you buy some essentials oils too.

Or, HEY. I'll give you a friend to keep you from getting lonely during the day.

This morning I went to Cotton Babies for some baby stuff, and my friend joined me. We ended up grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I never go there, because it's far away and expensive. But people probably enjoyed watching two baby-wearing moms oggle over natural deodorant and organic somethings. We ate salad from the salad bar, and I bought a can of tea. Who drinks canned tea? A mom, on a special trip to whole foods who wants to treat herself.

Let me just say, Cotton Babies is awesome. They have a little play area for tots, and a sitting area to nurse your baby. They even have a scale. Leon was a little over 17 lbs.

Anyway, then my friend and I laid two quilts in her back yard and did a workout I found on Pinterest. We went until we felt like puking. Oh, and I did it in jeans and a nursing bra. I would have never done that before. NEVER. That's like, ridiculous. But when you're a mom and you're covered in drool and you find yellow poop on your knuckle as you're licking chocolate off of your finger, you just work out in jeans. It just happens.

Leon was a trooper. He's now zombie crawling in his crib. Poor guy is so tired. Also, I bought special beer from Whole Foods. It was $10 for a six pack, and if you're unfamiliar with purchasing beer... that's expensive. Well, I opened the car door and three of them hit the ground. Lesson learned. Drink cans of PBR.

My friend Lacy is coming into town. It's for a wedding, and to close on their house, but we are their hotel and we get to hang out and yesterday was her birthday and she's having a baby in august so we're just gonna party. I know if she was here, we'd practically live together during the day with our babies. But sometimes things get taken away or people move or things change so you can have new opportunities. I'm still pissed they live in Springfield, but we love each other just the same.

That's all I got.