Friday, May 2, 2014

How quickly God answers you walk-home prayers, your blog prayers, your prayers you never actually say... perhaps he even hears your wishes, the ones that feel to small to bother Him with.

I think he loves answering those wishes. He's like, hey, I want your husband to let you buy some essentials oils too.

Or, HEY. I'll give you a friend to keep you from getting lonely during the day.

This morning I went to Cotton Babies for some baby stuff, and my friend joined me. We ended up grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I never go there, because it's far away and expensive. But people probably enjoyed watching two baby-wearing moms oggle over natural deodorant and organic somethings. We ate salad from the salad bar, and I bought a can of tea. Who drinks canned tea? A mom, on a special trip to whole foods who wants to treat herself.

Let me just say, Cotton Babies is awesome. They have a little play area for tots, and a sitting area to nurse your baby. They even have a scale. Leon was a little over 17 lbs.

Anyway, then my friend and I laid two quilts in her back yard and did a workout I found on Pinterest. We went until we felt like puking. Oh, and I did it in jeans and a nursing bra. I would have never done that before. NEVER. That's like, ridiculous. But when you're a mom and you're covered in drool and you find yellow poop on your knuckle as you're licking chocolate off of your finger, you just work out in jeans. It just happens.

Leon was a trooper. He's now zombie crawling in his crib. Poor guy is so tired. Also, I bought special beer from Whole Foods. It was $10 for a six pack, and if you're unfamiliar with purchasing beer... that's expensive. Well, I opened the car door and three of them hit the ground. Lesson learned. Drink cans of PBR.

My friend Lacy is coming into town. It's for a wedding, and to close on their house, but we are their hotel and we get to hang out and yesterday was her birthday and she's having a baby in august so we're just gonna party. I know if she was here, we'd practically live together during the day with our babies. But sometimes things get taken away or people move or things change so you can have new opportunities. I'm still pissed they live in Springfield, but we love each other just the same.

That's all I got.


  1. That's so sweet and wonderful. Can't believe you exercised in jeans, but I'm glad you have a friend to do that with. :)
    And oh my, yellow poop and chocolate finger makes me laugh so hard. I remember doing that. I remember finding yellow poop on walls and had no idea when it got there.
    So glad you had a good day. :)

  2. Haha I love the yellow poop and chocolate fingers too. And I have definitely worked out in jeans.

  3. Leon is a big, healthy boy!!! :) Loved all of this post! Canned tea, mmm.