Monday, March 9, 2015

Winning the baby game

Oh hey. 

I'm currently rocking a small human that points and claps when he sees himself in the mirror and dances to all music, even hymns, which causes my heart to worship in ways I didn't know of before he breathed a breath. 

He says "bra bah" (brown bear) and "goga" (yoga) and mimics in general. He snuggles and man he gives the most loving pats. He helps himself to milk when I least expect it - bam, so some of my shirts are stretched out. But it's hilarious? 

What I find is that people expect a certain level of smarts from a one year old. Surely he can hold his index finger up when a total stranger asks how old he is. Oh he can't? Well the stranger's granddaughter was walking at 9 months and never crawled. 


It takes a lot for me to not answer questions for him. I usually wait fifteen seconds and then say "his name is leon," or "he's one" when they direct the question at him and all he can do in return is give them the biggest smile in the world. And I'm being facetious - I love that fat grin and I love that he doesn't make every stranger feel good about themselves, or maybe he does since their kid is obviously ahead of the baby game. 

A woman asked him about seven questions in a row and he had just woken up. I finally said "he's really tired. He just woke up and did not sleep well last night." She asked if it was from teething. I told her it was because of the full moon. 

Which, I actually do believe. But I love saying shit like that. I love that my perfectly wonderful little boy doesn't perfectly fit into people's comfort zones or societal norms. I love that I don't. And I don't mean it like "in your face!" Bumper sticker you suck. I mean like, man. We put so much value in being a certain way that looks like everyone else. Stop that. It's gross. Love people and the special way their brain works. Be in awe of God's work. 

But even still I find myself saying that he's sleepy or that he only says bye when he wants to, which is true. But I don't need to justify my child's performance. He's a little human, not a dog. Sit. Speak. Shake. People like that though. I think it makes them feel good for some reason. 

He's got the softest little heart. 
Babysitting the other day

Grilling outside. He's never been happier to be able to run around outside. We had some fun on the Katy trail today. He wanted to go with every stranger that walked by 😳

I'll be done now. Still working on just smiling and being, as opposed to justifying or defending. Have I said on here that my word for 2015 is silence? Well. It is. 

Thanks for reading this and still loving me.