Thursday, February 13, 2014


Leon and I are sick. I just have a sore throat, but he's snotty and coughing. Thankfully his snot is clear and I have essential oils to use on him. It's working. For babies as young as him, generally the only thing you can do is nurse and sleep, but once I oiled him up he calmed down and his snot hasn't thickened. 

Say what you will. Oil people are freakin nuts, but I love them. 

Anyone take flax seed oil as a supplement?? It's disgusting. 

Last thing about oil. I use coconut oil for everything. I love it. Trader Joe's is my favorite. It tastes the best, to me. 

Plastic lids of coconut oil mixed with different essential oils, D drops, coffee, probiotics... And my old coworker bought be a subscription to Kiwi magazine. It's like "organic" parenting/baby stuff. My bedside stool changes on a daily basis. And I know I shouldn't be drinking coffee with a sore throat but Tyler made it for me. 

Ok. So Leon getting sick was my worst nightmare. We're only on day 2, but we're doing it. He's chilling on my buckwheat pillow on my lap staring at a light. It's not fun to see him this way, but he is a bit more snugly. 

Charlotte is back to her old ways of hiding her food in places around the house. She had to scarf her food down with Russ. But, no more. I got my quirky dog back and I love her. I think she will save my life someday and be on the news. She's smart. 

I taught last night, and it went well. People missed me, and it feels nice to be missed. Elena Brower will be at our studio tomorrow. I'm attending her 2.5 hour workshop while Tyler's mom takes care of Leon. He sucks at taking a bottle now so it worries me a bit, but I think he will sleep the whole time. Is it bad baby etiquette to leave your snotty child with you MIL while you attend the workshop of a famous yogi you've been waiting for for over a year? I hope not. 

I started riding our stationary bike and doing burst training... Also called tabata? I just read something about that. Sprinting for so many seconds and then leisurely taking a short break of walking/jogging/riding. Working out makes me poop. I almost didn't do it yesterday, but I changed my mind solely based on the fact that I would decently poop after. I think pooping = health, kind of. 

Being around lots of healthy, yogic, oily, organic, home birthy people makes me see something. A lot of us are trying to get our bodies back to the way they were meant to be. Detoxing all the heavy metals the government pumped into your body via frosted flakes. I'd say that's at the top of my list. But truly, There is a deep desire for things to be made right. I remember in a sermon once someone said that we long for shalom so much that we idolize restoration to the point that the embrace of Jesus is an afterthought. 

Anyway. Alisha and I talked about hill people on our date yesterday. They're so interesting! I'd like to be a hill person for the secrets, but I think I'm too nice. 

I'll be done now. Happy valentimes!!! Tyler and I will be home eating steak with wine and a sick baby. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let me tell you how wacky my brain is.

I am quite concerned with leaving things the way God intended them. For example, I'd never be cremated because, not that God needs help, but I'd like to keep my body as close to in tact as I can for Him when things are made right. I even went through a weird time of not popping any zits. But I should have popped them because they were certainly birthed out of The Fall. 

Over the last few years I've been torn about nail polish. First because I like a natural look anyway, but then chemicals, etc. and when I'm drinking clay to help remove heavy metals and toxins from my body, to put a shiny hard layer of toxic paint on my toe beds is just... Well anyway, I got some super nice polish for Christmas. It's taken me this long to decide whether or not to use it. Well, February 5, 2014 after many months of being paintless, I painted my toes. They are deep abyss purple. I just made that name up! I won't paint my finger nails because I touch Leon's face with my fingers. 

Anyone else like that? Just leave things as is? I think it might be borderline OCD. I don't know. 

Today I go back to teaching. Leon will stay with his first baby sitter!! My friend Janey, a mother of four, is coming over to "hold him," as she calls it. I hope it's that simple. I will also teach tonight and Tyler will keep him. Tyler likes his time alone with Leon. I think he wants me to leave. 

I've been in a slump for a few days. Mostly because I don't check the weather and I plan to get out of the house and then we get 5 inches of snow. So I stay inside, and eat a lot of meals. Also it's taken a day or so of mourning to get over my bangs. I like them, but they are a bit more work. Not too much. I do miss just throwing it all back. It's not until the 2 minutes before my hair is cut that I'm like "wait.... Ahh... This isn't so bad," and panic. Ah well. I kind of like the messy stay-at-home-mom look. 

Amanda I gave up coffee (for 2 days) because it was making me feel gross and it's friends with yeast and I don't want Leon to get thrush. But after the slump of yesterday, I had some sips this morning. I only ever drink half a cup anyway, but then on special days like when I go on a date with Alisha, I drink a whole 12 oz and nearly pass out at my midwife appt. yes, that happened. 12 oz of coffee. On a dehydrated and mostly empty stomach. I believe I've mentioned on here before that I'm not so good at taking care of myself. 

Some days Tyler says "eat lunch, ok?" and other days I'm having my third lunch at 10:30am. 

Well anyway. I'm pumped to teach today. A class at 11:15 and another tonight at 6. 

We will leave tomorrow for Springfield, stay a night there, then drive the rest of the way too Owasso on Friday morning. Coming back on Sunday. I am extremely excited. Leon can't wait to meet everyone with his eyes opened. 

Well, eyes opened if he's not totally blissed out on milk. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Russell the Special Dog

We got rid of Russ. He went to a nice family that drives an escalade with big rims, so they can at least afford to feed him. Or it seems so. They have 3 kids - 7, 13, and 16. Russ already bit the 7 year old, but it was in the dark and the kid scared him. I meant to warn them before they left, "don't feed Russ bacon in the dark." My nail is almost grown out where he bit me. 

Either way, he was not the biting type. Only if he was scared. Or so hungry and couldn't tell the difference in the dark between my thumb and bacon. 

I cried when they left. Mostly I was worried he'd be sad. Or that Char would be sad. They were confused. I became Facebook friends with the lady, and we said if it didn't work out to please bring him back. Well, Facebook is showing us that they really love him. He looks tired in the pictures. I imagine having a kid the same height as him to wrestle with keeps him tired. Also. They renamed him Harley, which I don't want to talk about. I bet they'll buy him a sweater. The mom just posted a status they she was taking him to get his nails done. 

All I know is, he will get the attention he needs. 

Here's the happier story. Charlotte is a puppy again. She sleeps on the floor in our room like the old days. She sits at our feet (Russ never let her do that). She even gets more to eat :) When we came home she basically galloped around the house. It makes me so happy. I wish the best for Russ in his new life. Poor little shit. They named him Harley. I bet he's pissed. 

I'm on a sweets fast. And a coffee fast. 

That's it. 

Bye, Russ. We had good times. I will always love you and have a little sad spot when I think about you. 

But we do like our new life.