Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let me tell you how wacky my brain is.

I am quite concerned with leaving things the way God intended them. For example, I'd never be cremated because, not that God needs help, but I'd like to keep my body as close to in tact as I can for Him when things are made right. I even went through a weird time of not popping any zits. But I should have popped them because they were certainly birthed out of The Fall. 

Over the last few years I've been torn about nail polish. First because I like a natural look anyway, but then chemicals, etc. and when I'm drinking clay to help remove heavy metals and toxins from my body, to put a shiny hard layer of toxic paint on my toe beds is just... Well anyway, I got some super nice polish for Christmas. It's taken me this long to decide whether or not to use it. Well, February 5, 2014 after many months of being paintless, I painted my toes. They are deep abyss purple. I just made that name up! I won't paint my finger nails because I touch Leon's face with my fingers. 

Anyone else like that? Just leave things as is? I think it might be borderline OCD. I don't know. 

Today I go back to teaching. Leon will stay with his first baby sitter!! My friend Janey, a mother of four, is coming over to "hold him," as she calls it. I hope it's that simple. I will also teach tonight and Tyler will keep him. Tyler likes his time alone with Leon. I think he wants me to leave. 

I've been in a slump for a few days. Mostly because I don't check the weather and I plan to get out of the house and then we get 5 inches of snow. So I stay inside, and eat a lot of meals. Also it's taken a day or so of mourning to get over my bangs. I like them, but they are a bit more work. Not too much. I do miss just throwing it all back. It's not until the 2 minutes before my hair is cut that I'm like "wait.... Ahh... This isn't so bad," and panic. Ah well. I kind of like the messy stay-at-home-mom look. 

Amanda I gave up coffee (for 2 days) because it was making me feel gross and it's friends with yeast and I don't want Leon to get thrush. But after the slump of yesterday, I had some sips this morning. I only ever drink half a cup anyway, but then on special days like when I go on a date with Alisha, I drink a whole 12 oz and nearly pass out at my midwife appt. yes, that happened. 12 oz of coffee. On a dehydrated and mostly empty stomach. I believe I've mentioned on here before that I'm not so good at taking care of myself. 

Some days Tyler says "eat lunch, ok?" and other days I'm having my third lunch at 10:30am. 

Well anyway. I'm pumped to teach today. A class at 11:15 and another tonight at 6. 

We will leave tomorrow for Springfield, stay a night there, then drive the rest of the way too Owasso on Friday morning. Coming back on Sunday. I am extremely excited. Leon can't wait to meet everyone with his eyes opened. 

Well, eyes opened if he's not totally blissed out on milk. 


  1. I've felt the same way about polish. I feel like my nails are heavier and they can't breathe. It just feels wrong. And I go back and forth on highlights. Of course, my girl assures me it's "all natural." Just like lemon juice, I'm sure.

    Wow, you're officially a "working mom"! I'm being sarcastic because I feel strongly that mom=work. But you're outside the house working. How brave and awesome of you, truly. I'm excited that this is your life; what you envisioned a long time ago. That's just cool.

    Can't wait to see you!

  2. OH dear I did not know that happened! Next time I will make sure to get you some food!
    I hope all goes smoothly today with teaching and being away from Leon.
    I can't wait to see you next Tuesday!

  3. so do you wear makeup? shave your legs? just curious. I have similar feelings about leaving things natural, but I'm illogically inconsistent about it. nail polish doesn't really bother me and I bought m&ms today because they were valentine's colors, BAD. but...I wash my face with honey and gave birth without an epidural so, I don't know. I think my brain's pretty weird too. hope leon has a blast with his babysitter!