Monday, February 3, 2014

Russell the Special Dog

We got rid of Russ. He went to a nice family that drives an escalade with big rims, so they can at least afford to feed him. Or it seems so. They have 3 kids - 7, 13, and 16. Russ already bit the 7 year old, but it was in the dark and the kid scared him. I meant to warn them before they left, "don't feed Russ bacon in the dark." My nail is almost grown out where he bit me. 

Either way, he was not the biting type. Only if he was scared. Or so hungry and couldn't tell the difference in the dark between my thumb and bacon. 

I cried when they left. Mostly I was worried he'd be sad. Or that Char would be sad. They were confused. I became Facebook friends with the lady, and we said if it didn't work out to please bring him back. Well, Facebook is showing us that they really love him. He looks tired in the pictures. I imagine having a kid the same height as him to wrestle with keeps him tired. Also. They renamed him Harley, which I don't want to talk about. I bet they'll buy him a sweater. The mom just posted a status they she was taking him to get his nails done. 

All I know is, he will get the attention he needs. 

Here's the happier story. Charlotte is a puppy again. She sleeps on the floor in our room like the old days. She sits at our feet (Russ never let her do that). She even gets more to eat :) When we came home she basically galloped around the house. It makes me so happy. I wish the best for Russ in his new life. Poor little shit. They named him Harley. I bet he's pissed. 

I'm on a sweets fast. And a coffee fast. 

That's it. 

Bye, Russ. We had good times. I will always love you and have a little sad spot when I think about you. 

But we do like our new life. 


  1. your hair is so cute!!!

  2. You have that mommy glow. :) babies sometimes force you to make tough decisions because, well, life is kind of about them now. Glad he's in a good home. He's going to fall in love with those kids. And I'm on a coffee fast's a hard time. Love you and miss you.

  3. I'd love to know your motivation to fast from coffee. I just wasn't sleeping well, so I went half calf. Taking it one step at a time.
    Now, changing his name to Harley, that is annoying.
    Lovely bangs! And Leon really does look like Audrey in the double-chin picture. :)

  4. I love your pictures. It cracks me up that Leon keeps looking like Audrey to me!
    And I'll have a sad spot when I think of Russ too. It's nice to have Char so happy and back to her old self though. :)