Thursday, January 30, 2014

7weeks of momhood

This morning I woke up early, woke up Leon, forced some breakfast on him (he was okay with it), put him back to sleep, and went to a 6:30am yoga class. It felt nice to move early in the morning. I was worried Leon would wake up and cry and mess with Tyler's morning routine, but he stayed asleep. 

Yesterday I was asked to do three different things by different people, but I could not oblige them because I have a newborn. Part of me felt guilty and torn, the other part of me was like "I have a newborn." One of these things I could have gotten paid for... But by the time Leon is fed and I've pumped and I get him to an imaginary baby sitter, pay them, do the thing, gas, etc. it's just not worth it to me. And even if it was, I'm just not ready to leave my 7 week old with anyone besides Tyler. Some people don't quite understand that, but that's ok. 

I used to think "oh I'll be such a laid back parent. My kid won't cry when I drop them off at the nursery." And now, I truly think this boy will be attached to me like a barnacle until he's at least 2. And I'm more than happy about it. He's currently mobied up and smacking on my collar bone. 

I got some new jeans. I'm getting a haircut on Saturday. And my car won't start. 


  1. Where did you find your jeans? I'm so unhappy with jeans right now. But I need some.
    Good job saying no. Of course not!
    Ope, he has your eyebrows and forehead in the 3rd picture. :)

  2. Oh yes he does have your eyebrows and forehead.
    Leon will be super attached to you for a while I bet. Audrey is super attached to me. But she does fine when she is dropped off in the nursery. I know there is a day coming that she will cry when we leave her. For now she is just taking it all in and doesn't notice when we walk out. It'll be so hard when she starts crying when she is dropped off. :(
    I need some new jeans so badly.