Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I have attended three yoga classes so far. The last two were two days in a row and I am quite sore. But slowly I'm getting it back.

It's sweet to have Tyler come home, take my sleeping baby away from me and say "aren't you going to yoga?" Well. I guess I am. I feel so revived afterward.

When you step away from something and look at it, everything makes so much more sense. It's been good to get away from teaching and practicing. I hear instruction a little differently, and do things for "the first time," rather than doing them before they're even instructed. For now.

People keep giving me cookies. Stop.

I'm going to donate 20oz. of breast milk to a study, and they're going to give me $100 in return. OK!

Tyler took my car to work since it snowed. So we're in for the day. That's ok. I don't mind it. Perhaps I'll make some more chocolate.

Tyler is throwing me a birthday party. We kind of just throw parties and say "Oh, this party is because of a birthday," or "this party is because..." and make up a reason. We just like to have parties. And rather than contemplating too much whether it would be strange to invite someone we don't know that well (thanks facebook) we just do it. And then people like your midwife come to your birthday party... and that is awesome! When in doubt, include everyone.

I wrote that yesterday. Also, thank you chic-fil-a for putting the calories on the menu. I ate there this morning at a "mommy and me" play date. Leon had a blast sleeping in the moby. And I thoroughly enjoying my 2,000 calorie meal. Good heavens. 

Leon is asleep on my lap. I've gotten about 32 text messages but my phone is across the room. There's just something about having a baby on your lap. Can't move. I have never slept better than I do when I snuggle my boy. I imagine that's how little girls sleep when they snuggle their dolls. 

K I'll be done now. 

He used to be really skinny and now he's just normal. But we call him fat.

Oh, lastly. Last night I said, "Ok, hang on, let me go brush my teeth with some detox clay." And Tyler said, "If I wasn't married to you, I'd hate you." Now that sounds extreme. We laughed hard. But it's so true. He can't stand people like me... who believe in clays and chiropractors and oils... but he really likes me. PS The Detox Clay WORKS. Probably better than Psyllium bread, Amanda. But man, it works. 

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