Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coffee and baby stuff

Coffee is a weird thing to me. I don't like it that much, it makes me feel ill sometimes. And yet, the comfort of having it in my hand is worth the trouble to make it and the money to buy it. What is this? I'm addicted to warm mugs of liquid. I literally take 4 sips, hold it, then dump it. 

I made a list of things I'd like to happen on a regular basis. Not drinking coffee is one of them. Except for special occasions. Like, tomorrow my friend Anna (her husband married Tyler and I) is coming over and bringing me coffee. I will drink the shit out if it. 

Then I'll feel a little dizzy and dehydrated. 

I had echinacea tea this morning blended with coconut oil and it was good. 

I was just holding Leon (it hit me a few days ago we could have named him Leonard!!!) and he was asleep. So, being ever so careful to lay him down, I knocked my mug off the table with a pillow. He stayed asleep. Miracles happen every day. And Leon heard his first cuss word. Erps. 

Tyler went in late this morning so I got to sleep more. It was amazing. Incredible. I have the sweetest husband in the world. He won't be home until 9 tonight. That will be hard for me. 

The night time is still hard because my brain doesn't work at night. Leon will sleep over 3 hours if I let him and I'm already bad at math. So I look at the clock and I'm like oh it's just been 2 hours when it's been 4 and his poor butt is sitting in poop. I hate that. But I don't cry about it anymore. 

Anyway. I did some yoga yesterday. Wowee I am tight. And lack muscle. How do people with big boobs do things? I'm not used to it yet. 

Lastly. I have food guilt. It just crept up on me. I feel guilty about eating an enchilada or a paleo cookie. Anything but a smoothie or a salad and I'm like my day is ruined!!! What a bummer that is. Especially when people bring us enchiladas. I remember this guilt. I had it before I was pregnant. I'm going to pray it away. I thinks it's when I feel the impact of my food, like I'm dehydrated or bloated or feel heavy I just know my body isn't in balance and that just bothers me. I'm so easily bothered. Hyper sensitive. Hyper aware. 

Well. Snow. Please melt. 

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  1. I love these pictures!
    I bet Leon really wants some paleo cookie flavored milk. He's probably like, "Mom, Mom, please eat a cookie! Please eat an enchilada!"