Monday, May 19, 2014

I made an email address for Leon. I've been emailing him, and it's super fun. Easier than a baby book, can't burn in a fire, and can't get lost. I'm more likely to type a bunch than write a small paragraph.

I'm so tired. My parents were here this weekend. We went to a cards game, which was pretty awesome but a little tough with a 5 month old. We were in the BOA Club seats, so we had access to a buffet and open bar. It was cold. Leon was pretty much in shock the whole time with all of the cheering. We left in the 6th inning. I just reread this paragraph, and it's very factual! I forgot the part where I said we had fun :) At one point, dad got up to take our picture and yelled, "Everyone say, 'YADIER MO-LINAAAAA!!!!!!!'" we were laughing hard. Also, once I looked away from the game for.. a while? And when I looked back I didn't realize who was on the field. I said "Get him! Get him! Get him! WOOOOHOOOO!" when they got the guy out at first... but, wrong team. I was embarassed.

We went to The Royale for lunch on Saturday. They have the best fish tacos. Then mom and I shopped my favorite soap store called Herbaria. I love that place. I want to eat all the smells there. I want to be the smells.

Leon was dedicated Sunday morning. He jumped on my lap the whole time, and when our Elder prayed over him, he straightened his whole body and stared at Jeremy with wondering eyes and a mouth open smile. So funny. My arms were burning. He is always moving.

We had a Gospel Community cookout Sunday for lunch. There were probably around 30 people over. My tiredness and introversion hit. When you're in a kitchen full of women and you have all these things you could contribute to the conversation, but it's too exhausting to try... I don't know. I just went upstairs and watched Leon nap for a minute. I wanted to stay up there.

This morning I just wanted to stay home and snuggle my boy, but I had to teach yoga. I dropped Leon off at Whitney's. I talked to Ange all the way to my class... then no one showed up. The girl who organizes it came to meet me and said several people forgot their clothes or had meetings. I said fine. I mean, as long as I still get paid, we're good. So I went back to Whitney's, we ate lunch, went for a walk by the river, and got ice cream! It was so good.

A good Monday to follow up and good weekend.

Edit: I need to add. I love teaching yoga. The fact is that I have to leave my house 45 minutes early, drop Leon off, and drive 40 minutes round trip. It really isn't about money. I enjoy teaching. But when I put a lot of work into getting there and having a kick ass sequence, and people show up late or don't come, I feel like I've done my part and should be compensated. As I reread that earlier paragraph, it just sounded icky. 


  1. Haha, Dad is the funniest. You are too: you want to be the smells. :)
    Leon does have a pretty angelic smiling stare. That's so sweet. I would have loved to see that. I can't wait to see him soon! Oh my. Will he be scared of me if I just smooch his cheeks over and over?
    Boy, by the time he gets his email address, he will have so so much to read. He'll treasure it when he's a man.

  2. Emailing Leon... good idea!
    As a self-employed person, I read your paragraph about people not showing up to yoga and marveled at how kind/restrained you were about the whole thing. I hope you get paid for your effort. It's disrespectful and taking advantage of you, even if no one meant it that way. #thingsthatreallybugme
    ...since I don't have a twitter I do fake hashtags on people's blogs... sorry :)