Sunday, December 23, 2012


Tyler and I are in Owasso. We brought Charlotte. It has been nice and relaxing so far. Got to spend time with my parents, siblings, Dustin and Tara, etc. Before we left I had to turn in my yoga final. It took me about 37 seconds to hit the "send" button. Later, I laid in bed and thought, "hey, that one part I started editing... did I finish it?" Literally, I may have started a thought and just left it, then submitted it that way. But you know what, they probably didn't read it. And that's okay. It's over with. I feel better. I feel so much better that I didn't even go back to make sure I finished it.

I get to see sweet baby Owen in a few minutes. Can't wait to hug Rachel. Going to her house makes me feel 16 again. I miss her, but I'm okay with not being 16 anymore.

Last night Tyler and I went to The Alley (it used to be St. Michael's Alley) with my parents. I was a waitress there when I was 19. They redid the inside and changed up the menu a bit. It's a good place. We had a good time, drank some wine, and then Tyler and I went to the Sherin's to play with Oliver and hang out with his parents. Weird that everybody has a baby now, or is going to have a baby. It terrifies me. Sometimes I think, "everyone has done it, I can do it." Other times I think it will just kill me. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

It's kind of weird going to Redeemer, just because I don't know everyone like I used to. I feel like I'm at my friend's church, but my friend didn't go that day. And that's okay. Things are just different.

I think I'm teaching my mom and sister yoga tomorrow morning. Then Tuesday morning Alyson is going to kick my behind when she trains me. We're getting a new puppy in a week. The 2nd is our four year wedding anniversary - weird. We went to eat at El Tequila and we saw nine different people we knew. How crazy this place is.

Ange and Manda turn 31 today. So weird. Alyson just turned 32 in September. I'll be 25 soon. Weird, weird, weird. That's all. I love my family. It's good to be home.

Jesus came and brought us rest. God pursued us in the form of a little baby, a man, to give us a peace we won't find by having our shit together. Bring your mess, bring your history, bring your loneliness, bring your attempts at being whole on your own to Jesus, and take rest. Accept this peace that you cannot even understand. Thank you, God, for pursuing us even though we run after so many other things.

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