Thursday, December 13, 2012

we moved

Hi guys. We're in our new house and we have internet! It took two weeks, so we had a nice little break from blogging. Well, I did. Things that have happened since we moved:
I have been teaching yoga for a month
Haven't really caught up on sleep since Thanksgiving/the move
We have a fireplace and it's so lovely
The house makes noises.

When I can't sleep because of the creaking boards or popping heater, I wake Tyler up. He told me I could. I say, "Did you hear that?" and he says "no." Then he says, "If Charlotte didn't hear it, it's a normal sound." He falls back to sleep. There is a noise in the room above us, Charlotte pops her head up. By then I'm frozen with fear, my heart is beating in my toes. We are the 4th owners of this house. The one before us was crazy, but she's still around. The builder's name was Hercules, and he built the inside of the house by hand, which I appreciate because the closets are huge. I like to think he was a small man, because that's cute. Hercules the small man. Not sure about the owners between the two, but I picture everyone happy and nice. No haunting ghosts here, just old floorboards. I think I believe in ghosts, but we don't have any.

Lacy and Dustin stayed with us for a few nights while they prepped their old house to sell/rent. It was an exhausting weekend. We love them and miss them.

I didn't sleep well after Tyler left for the gym this morning, and Char kept popping her head up with noises. So I took her to pee and the police were at the house next door. The people seem nice. There was a police car and what looked like a moving van that said "St. Charles City Police." Interesting.

Char jumps the fence, so we have to stand out there with her while she goes to the bathroom. I love 5:30 am bathroom trips in the 27 degrees. She even jumped the fence when we left her out back with Mona and Nana (the cutest English Bulldogs in the world). We're getting Woodrow (Char's new little brother) the week after Christmas in hopes that it calms her down a little more. We will not be leaving the two of them in the back yard though.

I taught two classes in a row last night - basics and college night. Learning is tough. So far every class had been better than the next. Last night was not so, but I have since moved on and decided that it's okay to make mistakes.

Wow it's been so long and I have nothing to say. I miss my family and I can't wait for Christmas to be with them. Work is tough. Sometimes I want a nap.


  1. Your sister misses you too. The old one anyway. :) She tells me all the time. Naps are awesome, you should take them whenever possible.

  2. Hercules the small. Love it. I've heard that if you stick a dog who knows how to jump, she'll just teach the others. Or maybe that was a cow thing. Anyway, a taller fence might be the answer. And I dooooo miss you! ONE WEEK!

  3. Oh man, good to have you back. I just can't wait to see you! And Tyler! I am sad your pup isn't coming.