Saturday, November 24, 2012


Tyler and I traveled to Beaver Dam from Wednesday night until Saturday afternoon. We got to spend some time with Granny, Tyler's parents, little sister, three cousins, and aunt & uncle. We got there later than everyone else, so Olivia stole our normal bed. Instead we got the bed made for little people. I slept pretty horribly for three nights, plus PMS, the TV on, eating stuff I don't normally eat, etc.

Granny gave us a 45-50 year old coffee table and two end tables, plus a glider and two chairs to match. We're getting a night stand from Tyler's sister as well.

I missed my pup like crazy, but it was good to spend time with his family. However, I sorely missed being with my family. Pretty bad. It's always holidays or birthdays or mom/sister dinners that just kill me. But I'll be home in less than a month and I shan't die. Anyway, I sometimes feel alone when my family is together and I'm not there. I sent my sisters a picture of myself brushing my teeth, because I wanted to feel seen or like there should be a hole in Owasso somewhere. I don't know. I woke up in a panic like, "AAAH, I'm not there. I should be there."

We came home from Kentucky and went to our last walk-through in our house. We move in on Tuesday. We walked into the house and it was a mess. I mean, she's packing, but cat hair was everywhere. It smelled like cat poop in the basement. Anyway, the cooky seller hollers "Hello?" and our realtor is like, "Hi, we told you we'd be here at 2:30." Cooky seller: "Oh, I had no clue you were coming." I think she was lying. Like a crazy person. We walked through and she had made the changes she said she would... including taking a bathroom mirror, which is against the rules. I don't really care, but I'm pretty sure the lady is a little crazy. But I can't wait to move into her well-maintained house. She said it would be totally clean on Tuesday. I believe her.

We have packed up our living room and office. All we have is our clothes and the kitchen. We have 2 Guys and a Truck coming on Tuesday to help us. I'm off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Somehow, some way, I want to get back to normal life slightly this week. I can't wait for church tomorrow. Yoga this week. Seeing my friends. Ah.

On the way to Kentucky Tyler and I talked about thankfulness. We are kind of blown away. So blessed. My heart is slowly cracking, and every day I find my cynicism sort of being ripped away. It's terrifying. I feel like Eustace.

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  1. Eustace - a lovely analogy. Can't wait to see you in your new house!