Friday, November 16, 2012

I taught my first yoga class on Wednesday night. I teach again Saturday morning, after my staff meeting at work (which, I just saw on facebook one of my employees write to another "OH... JOY... the staff meeting..." I'm not friends on facebook with the girl who wrote it, but I "liked" it. Out of love, I hope her stomach drops. I seeee you, little girl!!!)

Anyway, my first class went fine. I forgot the word "strap," so that was an awkward seven seconds. I wasn't funny, so I need to work on lightening up and realizing that all those people are or will be my friends and that I don't need to be nervous. My critique was to project my voice better. I think they're going easy on me so I don't cry. I told Tyler he better give me some good critiques and he said, "Oh, I'm going to rip the shit out of your class. Be ready." So now I'm scared.

I left work early today and got Pei Wei. Came home and ate a lot of it.

Last night I went to dinner with three NB Corporate people, my owners, and two other managers. It was a fancy place. About $50 a person and Corporate paid for it. I cleaned my plate. They were nice. I thought to myself, "I'm sitting here with seemingly normal people who make a million dollars a year." I'm a kid. It's just weird. They're in charge of sales for NB North America and Canada.

I'm charging up my Kindle to purchase Ann Lamott's new book "Help Thanks Wow." It's about three different types of prayer. I'm excited. Supposed to be along the same line as Traveling Mercies and Plan B. I didn't like Crooked Little Heart. I didn't finish it though. I don't like novels.

I have some toe spacers between my big toe and second toe. Trying to help my bunion die. I woke up this morning and it was throbbing so bad. I told Tyler that I was afraid to look at it because it felt like it might be black.

PS, Let me talk to you about germs. Non-colonized non-resistant (like homeless people walking through your yard), colonized non-resistant (homeless people camping on your front lawn), non-colonized resistant (knocking at your door asking for food), and colonized resistant (entering your home and eating out of your fridge). So I thought the homeless comparison was mean, but no one at my work seemed to understand. Anyway, when we remove an insole from someone's shoe (I do this five times a day) we have a 60% chance of touching bacteria that is colonized resistant. So many people are jacked up on anti-biotics and we touch their germs and their germs cannot be beaten with more antibiotics. It's craziness. I took all the hand sanitizer out of my store and I'm going to gross out my staff tomorrow and make them wash their hands between every customer.


  1. We know a lot about germs at the Bowers household just in case you want to know. Kaleb has all the colonized resistant crap you can think of in his lungs. Not much you can do about that.

    1. He was the first person I thought of when I learned about this :(