Sunday, November 18, 2012

cool things that happened today:

We prayed for renters, or that God would just teach us to trust Him.
We got renters. Two dear friends - both our college roommates Hannah and David. 

We went to church and heard stories about adoption - spiritual and legal. It was awesome. Lots of tears. 

We went to our friend's house and made rum balls and chili. 

Now I'm home mentally preparing for a short work week and a few days in Kentucky. It'll be great. 

That's all. Glad we have renters. Glad we have such good friends. So much to be thankful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving week. I miss my family.


  1. That's so great. Not only do you have renters, but ones that you love and that won't trash your house. Love it when that happens. :)
    How do you like those rum balls? Sounds fun.
    Well, I hope Kentucky is relaxing and fun. Christmas will be here soon!

  2. Good renters are definitely a God-send. Also "I seeeee you little girl" and Tyler's foul language comment in your last post had me rolling. Good job.