Friday, November 9, 2012

November - the craziest month of my 2012

Well, Denver is off my list. I, a 24-year-old child, went to Denver with a bunch of business owners and New Balance big deals for two days. They bought us dinner. There was an open bar. I got a vodka tonic like an adult and the bar tender says "What vodka do you prefer?" I replied, "Doesn't matter," like the cheap-liquor-drinking-kind-of-girl that I am. My coworker about died.

I tried to ride in the front seat of the cab, because I didn't realize it was a cab. The car that picked us up was so nice I thought the guy was like a New Balance big deal's brother or something. We talked about Colorado and pot. He said on 4/20 that the sky over Boulder is visibly cloudy... really?

I got a bunch of free stuff - hat, sunglasses, watch, gloves, yoga pants and top, pedometer, shoe lights, elastic laces, and a yoga mat on the way! Can't wait. I totally asked for the stuff. And I got it... fo free!

We planned all of next years products and that was fun. I helped choose for all the stores in our company. I met some cool NB people. Some people drank a lot and I went to bed praying that they didn't make any major mistakes.

I couldn't sleep. Woke up every hour. Finally fell asleep watching "We Bought A Zoo." I love that movie. Every time I watch a movie with Scarlet Johansen, I end up wanting to cut my hair or major in Anthropology. Woke up at 3:30 am, diarrhea. Thanks, Colorado. Woke up at 4:30 and realized I was just up. No going back to sleep. So I watched this liar on TV yell something over and over... "A surprising amount of money will come to you from a surprising source! Praise Jesus! Let his angels shower blessings on you!" Surprise! You got a penny... from a little kid!

I was so angry. And people were cheering. It broke my heart. Had to change the channel. Then I watched a show about people who got too many tattoos and wanted to get them removed. Poor guy, every time he drank alcohol he got another tattoo. Then he'd wake up and cry. And the girl who had her ex-fiance's name tattooed on her forearm. She'd look at it and cry.

Then I ate a cookie in the dark. I realized it had nuts in it and was thankful I wasn't allergic.

I missed Tyler so bad. I was homesick. The other night he said to me, "Please don't ever die." We're super morbid and in love.

I got a $6 can of Budweiser on the plane, because I've never drank on a plane before. It was only fun because my coworker thinks I'm a weirdy and she got a good laugh out of it. I didn't know what lot I parked in, so the sweet Super Park lady drove around until we found my truck. I didn't have any cash, so I gave her my business card and told her I've give her a discount. Rereading that paragraph, I sound like a drunk homeless person.

I went to breakfast with my friend Ellen this morning. It was great. Going to lunch with Allison for her birthday!!! and getting ready to teach this weekend. My very last weekend of training.

And here is why this is the craziest month. Denver. Finish training. I start teaching classes next week. Then we go to Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Then we move into a new house... then we have Christmas, buy a puppy, get pregnant, and get old.

Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful day. Amen.

Love you guys.


  1. That left me all warm and fuzzy.
    What exciting times!
    Can't WAIT to see you in 50ish days.

  2. Amanda's all warm and fuzzy because she's drinking too. Yea for being such an adult who travels and makes businessy decisions. Let me know how you like your yoga mat. I may need to restock my little gym. (or dad may need to restock my little gym in his garage!) ;)