Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween ish

I just put some pecans in the oven. I used salt, but I have no sugar. So they will just be salted and amazing. Normal, mature people have sugar.

My friend Rachel is about to have her baby. I am so excited. I never pictured her beating me to it. I'm glad she did. Can't wait to glean all of her knowledge.

Ahhh! child birth.

I'm feeling ready for the next phase of life. I think I've been saying that since I was 12. We may go look at a puppy this weekend, moving into our new house in four weeks. Tyler said, "It's going to be so fun, because everything will be a surprise. We've only been in that house two times. Think of all the surprises we'll find when we live there!" Hopefully no crazy surprises. Like an old lady ghost. I hope that she's at least nice. I will not take a bitchy ghost in my house.

I told Tyler that we have to buy a queen size bed for the guest room. So we will. Then you can sleep there and bring your person with you if that fits. Or you can just have enough room to sleep in a jumping jack position.

I feel so blessed.

Deep breath. Man.

In a week and a half I will officially be a certified yoga teacher, even though my teacher told us we were already teachers. I'm excited. I can't believe I'm almost done.

No one is walking through my neighborhood, except for people buying drugs or long boarding. I'm glad I don't have to answer my door. Mom, thanks for making me a holiday scrooge (I'm talking about Halloween). I loathe seasonal decorations, dressing up, and/or giving strangers candy. I'm happy about it, but everyone seems to hate that I am this way. I try not to be a negative susan, but... if I come to your party I will be dressed as myself and totally ruin the energy. It's okay if you don't invite me.

With love, Negative Susan.


  1. What's a negative Susan? I thought she was Nancy, or that Susan lazy. And Debbie is a downer.
    I think while you embraced the no decorating in our childhood, I starved for it. The first year i had my own house I went so overboard. I've since calmed down. There isn't garland in every room at Christmas now.
    Maybe when you have kids you'll be more excited about it.

    1. I changed her name. I can call her whatever I want. Wacky Amanda. I feel bad for my kids. They will need a good aunt like you.

  2. Your blog is my favorite.
    Also, I'm glad Demi is back to being a brunette. I needed to share that with a fellow x-factor fan.

  3. Thank you for liking my blog. I have to tell you a sad story... I'm not a very good fan. I've only watched it one and a half times!!! I can't keep playing this game. Now you know the real me.

  4. This is my favorite blog post you've ever written. Stay the way you are forever. :)

    1. you just gave me a gem to keep in my pocket. thank you, al.