Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tuesday afternoon Tyler left for KC. I had homework that night to keep me busy, but everything was just weird. Instantly the house was a mess, as well as my car, and Charlotte paced from window to window waiting for Tyler. I didn't fall asleep until midnight, and Char wouldn't even snuggle with me. I didn't shower, slept in my sweat. She didn't understand how we could sleep when Tyler wasn't home. She stared out the window most of the night. At one point I put my head at the foot of the bed to see if I could sleep... and then I had weird dreams.

I had to leave work early the next day.

Tyler was at class the following night and I started to plan a surprise party for his 25th birthday (3 days in advance). He was acting like he was turning 100, said he didn't want to celebrate or talk about it.

I was at yoga training all weekend. It was great. I learned a lot and got some good critiques. I think I'll be a good teacher someday.

Anyway, so I was texting with Allison all Saturday during training because her and Andrew were helping me with the surprise. It was going to go like this... they kidnap Tyler, take him to 4 Hands Brewing Co., I meet them there with a ton of our friends after my training. Well, Tyler needed my car so I had to carpool with my training girls. So I couldn't drive myself to the brewery. So the Shead's actually said to Tyler, "Let's go to 4 Hands." So it was going to be a double date, they pick me up, and then surprise! our friends are here.

Well, in the car Tyler said several times, "It's good that you had pants in your bag." The third time he said it, I knew he knew, but I had to keep it up. So we walk in and Tyler had big smirk on his face, all our friends are there. He says he knew, that I'm a terrible liar, and that he had been trying to make things difficult for me all day. He almost pretended to be sick. He also said he knew I was either cheating on him or planning a surprise party. He was pretty sure it was a surprise party. Lovely.

We had a great time, and he didn't know who all would be there, so that was the surprise. Then later his eyes got all sweet and sappy and said that he appreciated that I was willing to do something out of character for his b-day. We are not gift givers or surprisers, pretty much ever. Speaking of gifts... I need to go buy him a thermos. And, we're super in love. I never want him to go on a business trip again. It was like, the worst night ever. Can't wait to be old people together.

Training is exhausting. I'm going to go put my body in my bed. Picture a pile of skin and muscles with bones in there. That's how I feel. Like a pile. A lump. Goodnight.

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  1. Ha, that's so funny. Nathan had so many business trips in the beginning, I was in an ocean of depression. It stinks. But now I have the girls. It is still hard to get to sleep, but it's hard to feel too lonely.
    He's gone to FL now. Gone for Halloween. :(