Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi, sister friends. Thanks for the comments.

Tyler and I both took Wednesday off because we were ill. Truly. He is like a sad little boy when he's sick. I say, "What do you want for lunch?" He makes a face like he's close to death/tears and says "... I.. don't know." I was feeling bad, but doused my immune system with every pill I could find. Airborne, alka seltzer, ibuprofen, allergy pill, and benadryl. Also, I put cayenne pepper in my water (with lemon and stevia) and seriously, it reduced the swelling in my throat. I swears.

So we're feeling better. My throat is still a bit sore, perhaps because I drank about 7 cups of coffee today... but more like three and a half because I only fill the cup up halfway because black coffee is gross cold.

Tonight at yoga I was in wheel pose (picture a back bend), and using a bit of rocking momentum I popped up out of wheel pose onto my feet. It was my first time to do that. Months ago I saw my teacher do that and I dreamed of the day I would be able to. Well, I did it tonight on accident. It was awesome.

We have volleyball playoffs tonight. I hope we win, but if we do that'll mean we're not in bed until like 11:30..... death. I love sleep, but not like a sluggard does. I just know I'll stay well if I sleep and lay off the booze. Did I mention I LOVE airborne? I wish it wasn't expensive. It's amazing. I think it kept me from getting the body aches and the one who scoffed at it, my dear husband, was close to death.

I find out tonight what my teaching schedule is at Blue Bird. It's like waiting to see if you've been drafted for the Hunger Games. I like to compare almost everything to the those games. Then when I actually look at my life I'm like, "Ok. I'll live."

We had a guy named Dan Zink from Covenant come talk to us last Sunday. Men that wise are just insane to me. I really like him. Tyler and I had great conversations after that. Anyway... time to go play volleyball.

Go cards...


  1. Dan Zink was my internship supervisor last year. He is AMAZING. And he always gave us candy.

  2. What kind of abs must you have to pop out of a wheel? That's incredible. I just tried it and nearly injured myself. Good job! Dave swear by airborne. I swear by positive thinking and sleep. You know.

    1. I can teach you how. You can totally do it. I will show you on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas.