Sunday, January 6, 2013

4 Year Anniversary

Tyler planned a night on the town to celebrate our anniversary. We started Park Ave Coffee. He had his first Americano, and now he is an enthusiast. Gosh, I love him. We checked in at our B&B, Napoleon's Inn. Every time we stay at a B&B we take a mirror picture. Holding hands, even.

Then we walked down the street for an appetizer at Square One Brewery

I had a J.J. Neukomm Old Fashioned. It was super tasty, and Tyler had a whiskey flight. I don't think I'll ever drink crappy whiskey again. 

Then of course we had a beer. And some goat cheese artichoke dip.

Then we walked to Eleven Eleven Mississippi for our dinner date. 

This is the outfit I bought for our date. My shirt has horses all over it. I love target.

Waiting for our table at 1111. 

They gave us free champagne.

Our date was Zinsane. From Lodi, mom and dad!

My super handsome husband, looking quite toasty.

Rib eye, filet, zucchini fritters. I got olive oil on my new boots.  

Then we walked to Bailey's Chocolate Bar for dessert. Wearing boots, guys! I'm off the grid.

I had a martini called The Sexual. It is very, very good. Tyler had something mocha. Then we walked back to our B&B. 

This morning I was talking to the B&B lady and she asked how long Tyler and I had been together. I explained how we grew up together and so on. This sentence nearly came out of my mouth: "Yeah, it's almost like we're brother and sister." Glad I stopped that one. Weird. Anyway, she went on and one about how people should live together first and the first year is the hardest. I just sipped the bad coffee and smiled. 

We were young when we got married. We're still kind of young. But I'm glad we did it. I wouldn't change it. If there are good people, Tyler is one of them. And he thinks I'm funny. And he makes us pray and wake up at 6am so we can spend time together. 

We love our pups. Charlotte is so happy with her new brother. Rusty puts out a good fight. 


  1. Charlotte is happy with Rusty? That's awesome. :)
    And you and Tyler are cute. Sounds like you had a great anniversary!