Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh what a beautiful morning

I took the pups out to poop early this morning and the weather was perfect. Rusty refused to come inside, so they played some more. I caught Charlotte in the act of hopping the fence, to which I yelled "worthless dog!" I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a bad mom. However, I didn't use the F word. It would have felt better. But I gave that up.

I went to Picasso's by myself. I needed something in my tummy before teaching yoga. A coffee alone = the shits while teaching and jittery organs. Not fun. There was some blueberry bread. The Barista called it a loaf. And he kept saying, "the loaf is nice. the loaf isn't too big." I was thinking, please stop saying loaf.

I taught yoga. I did a good job. It feels good to do a good job and have people like your class. For about a half hour after, I'm on top of the world. I feel so honored to be able to teach yoga, and it actually works.

I went to the grocery store by myself. It was weird. I hate it.

It's been a great weekend not being at work. I've spent time with people I love. It got me thinking about my dad who used to say how rich he was all the time. He still says it. "Dad, can I have a $20?" "Sure! I'm rich!" One time my friend said, "Mr. Ramey, are you rich?" and I thought of course he's going to say no. But he said, "Yes! I'm so rich! Because you're my friend." First of all, what a cool dad to have. Second of all, I feel that way. So rich with friends, family, puppies, community. My life is sweet and rich because of the people I know.

PS. Since giving up my facebook I feel so much better. You should try it if you want. I have no desire to reactivate it.

PSS. I think one of the biggest mistakes we can make is assuming that someone has it all together and treating them that way. Everybody wants to be known. No one has it together.


  1. Someday you will think going to the grocery store by yourself is the greatest thing ever. Weird, but true.

  2. Picasso's Loaf: They call them loaf because that is how they are indicated on the cash register. I used to do the same thing. It is weird.

  3. MB is right about the grocery store. I will try to do a blog update in the near future.

  4. I tell people I'm rich all the time too! I must have gotten it from Dad.