Wednesday, July 17, 2013

17 Weeks 4 days

I had an appt. yesterday with my midwife. I heard the sweet heartbeat again. I laid there staring at the ceiling with a big smile on my face and little tiny, baby tears crowding the corners of my eyes. Such an overwhelming, weird, terrifying, humbling feeling.

I get the same feeling when I feel it flutter. It feels almost cold to call it... "it." Even saying "the baby" feels distant, like it's not mine yet. But it kind of is. At least, I've been the one to feed it egg sandwiches and an occasional soda. No one else. So, therefore, I feel I should give it a name. I just don't know which name to give it yet, and that's tough. Oh well.

I had a management meeting today, and made the "official" announcement, even though most of my company knew anyway. I peed about 37 times during the meeting. Ridiculous.

Tyler is sweet and laughs a lot at my belly, like he's in shock. 


  1. Haha, Tyler. :)
    I finally watched The Business of Being Born and cried with joy imagining you pushing her out in a little pool. I'm so excited for you, and your little belly is precious.

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