Thursday, July 11, 2013

Manda, I'll take you up on that pillow offer. I love my buckwheat pillow, but it's not cutting it anymore. Also, I believe I shall start setting an alarm to remind me to pee. I keep waking up thinking, "I'm so uncomfortable," but not realizing it's because I need to pee.

Anyway, I've been given a load of maternity clothing. I need to sort it all, and then go to the pool for a tan. Man, I love a day off.

Tyler and I are planning a trip to Colorado at the end of August, after my store's big sale. It'll be a nice reward, as well as our last getaway before forever happens.

My mom is planning a baby shower for me at the end of September. You're all invited. It might be a joint baby shower/birthday party for my sister Alyson. I can't steal the show when she's turning 33!! But I'm not serious about the joint party.

I got stuff to do. Just wanted to say hello.

Also, we will not be finding out the sex of the baby, nor are we sharing names... until it's born, of course. I'd love to find out and share the name... but as one of my wise friends told me (I often over-share) "Have this one secret with your husband. It'll be good for you."


  1. Haha, one secret with your husband. That is funny. Now that it's official, I'm going to start making/buying gender neutral cute things. Yay!

  2. Hey Shan, you can have the big pillow I was using if you like. Maybe if we come see you in October we can bring it then, unless you end up coming back to Tulsa soon.