Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Off

Well, last week after Audrey was born, I couldn't be okay staying here for two more days and then driving six hours to see her. I would be like, "Ok, I'll go to work tomorrow..." and then be unable to dismiss the thought of flying to OK the next morning to see her and Ange and Bob. So I did. Thankfully, Tyler was very understanding. Sometimes I don't expect men to get it, and they probably don't. But he did, so I was glad.

I flew in. I texted my midwife to see if I should go through the scanner or do the pat down. She said it would probably be fine, but that she personally would get the pat down. Sometimes it's fun to do things the opposite way you normally would. I love quick and easy. Telling the TSA agent I wanted the pat down instead of going through the machine (I don't even know what it's called. I call it the I-can-see-your-tampon machine, or the throw-your-diamonds-in-the-sky machine) wasn't quick or easy. She said, "SPEAK UHHP, I. CAN'T. HEAR. YOU." I repeated myself. She responded, "What?! It's not a x-ray." I said, "I know. I'd like to do the pat-down instead." We went through this several times. In my opinion, it's not worth it to explain myself sometimes. They said smoking was okay. They said birth control was okay.

My mom took care of Amanda's girls while we went to see Audrey, Ange, and Bob in the hospital. Audrey is the sweetest, most precious thing I've ever met. It could be that I have forgotten what it's like to hold a fresh little newborn, but I'm pretty sure she's just an angel. It's even cooler to see Ange and Bob looking like they've been parents forever. Being a parent brings something out of you that's been there, but no one has ever seen before. It's precious. I got to hold her a lot. She's a good baby.

Tyler bought a car and immediately drove it to Owasso. It's a cute '01 Honda Civic. We needed a car that could hold a car seat besides mine. I don't think it's legal to have a baby in a truck like Tyler's.

July 4th was almost uneventful. No one died, no one yelled at anyone else when they almost died. Kate almost got run over by the trailer. A rocket went between Nathan and Riley's heads. But we all lived. It was a very long and awesome firework show. Even though it was pretty fine, I have a feeling we won't do it next year. Who knows. We'll see.

I got to spend time with Rachel, Owen, and Mitch. It was great to see them. And Rachel gave me pretty much all of her maternity shirts!! My mom also took me maternity shopping, so I'm pretty loaded up for now.

Lastly, the pups got out through a hole in the fence while we were gone. The other day I found a board in the yard with a nail in it. I didn't even think about it, I just moved it so no one would step on it. Russ crawled under, and Char probably hopped it. Regardless, an old man brough Russ to the front door, which let our house-sitter know the dogs were out. By then, Charlotte was already running to our old house, two miles away. Dogs are so smart. But, she ran so much on the pavement that she basically rubbed holes into the fat pads of her paws. They bled a lot then, but they're clean now. It's just sad. And her nails are extra short. Poor girl won't stop licking them, but I'm just glad she's okay.

It's good to be home. I slept in this morning. I'm starting to feel large. On occasion, I feel cute. But mostly, I feel like a large, lazy person. Tyler cut me off of cheese last night. I do eat a lot of cheese. Don't think he's a mean husband - he just wants me to live longer. My baby is an avocado - 16 weeks and two days.

Time to do things.


  1. That's pretty funny that Tyler cut you off from cheese.
    Have you looked through any of our maternity stuff? It's pretty old/dated, I guess. But there are a few good things. We may need to pay you a visit with the maternity pillow and some clothes some day.

  2. Yes, I should bring you all those clothes and the pillow. At least half of the clothes need to be gotten rid of. But I'll let you decide that for yourself.