Monday, July 9, 2012

Ponder anew what the Almighty can do

Seems like when I get back from a trip, I move on so quickly that I never blog about what I did. Here's a short list:

Drove to Springfield, stayed with Lacy and Dustin. We went to eat, played darts, talked about Kombucha, went to bed at 1:30 am, left the next morning for Tulsa.

Drove to Tulsa to pick my brother up from the airport (surprise for the whole family) but he hitch hiked from the airport to the house instead. Swam in the pool. Drank beer. Played with nieces and nephews. Shot off fireworks. Went to a weird yoga class. Went to dinner with the fam. Spent an afternoon with Ange. Had a surprise breakfast with Amanda and her kids and hub. Spent an afternoon hanging with Al in the pool. Went shopping with my mom and got a pedicure. Swam at night. Ate Taco Bueno. Bought new earrings and a watch. Took good naps. Watched a few movies. Took my bro to the airport at 5 am (woke up at 4), drove to St. Charles, went to church, went to lunch, took a 4 hour nap.

Yesterday we made almond butter, cold brew coffee, and finished making my kombucha tea (which has to sit for another week). I also finished season two of Downton Abbey. Can't wait for season 3.

Anyhow. I guess listing off everything I did doesn't seem too exciting for you to read, which is why I never do it. But, it was a fantastic trip home.

Now I work every day this week.

Something I've noticed - when I was interning at Connections to Success, I did a lot of things that helped motivate me. I made lists, I set goals, I was encouraged by awesome speakers, I was around people that made incredible steps forward. It was just a motivating atmosphere. So now that I'm in an atmosphere where "success" is a moving target (literally, my store does something awesome and the next day it's like "do better"), I don't get to make lists very often because I'm always moving... I just don't make time to set goals for myself. I set them for the store. I spend so much time trying to get other people to have the same attitude as me that I don't get much time to work on stuff outside of work.

So this is what I realized - last Summer I set three big goals. To be a store manager, to become a yoga teacher, and to play the piano. All of these things felt pretty far away, besides the store manager thing (that happened after a month of setting the goal). But now, here I am in teacher training. So that's great... and now there is a keyboard sitting in my basement. Once teacher training is complete and I have no more homework, I'm going to spend a great deal of effort learning the piano again.

The end. Time for homework.


  1. absent from your Tulsa list: "saw Denise." boo. :-) So glad you had a good visit, though.

    1. I'm flattered that you read my boring list. Next time, Denise. Miss you.