Saturday, August 17, 2013

From somewhere in Kansas...

Hi. We're on the road. We stayed in downtown KC last night. Took a nap in a guy's bed (air bnb), listened to some live Jazz at The Pheonix (Lonnie McFadden). Sat with a black couple and became fast friends. The guy says "you're going to boulder to smoke, aren't you? I can tell by your hippie headband." Yeah, me and my baby are going to toke up in boulder. Later the waiter put their food down in front of tyler and I and walked away. The guy says "see, waiters always put food in front of the white people!" Tyler said, "we'll I've never seen a black person eat hummus before." This guy was hilarious and crazy. He said he went to Oral Roberts University to check it out and he loved the gold buildings. Wanted to chip some off and make a gold tooth. Anyway, he looked about late 20s, but we finally asked and he said he'd be 48 soon! Nice couple. 

We turned in early and woke up early. Ate at a place called Milton's in Lawrence, KS. It was super tasty and Lawrence is cute. We discussed that the only thing we hate about Kansas is the phrase "rock chalk jayhawk." So Tyler asked a stranger what it meant. It's a fight song, yes, we know. And it's still dumb. 

Now we're just driving. Should be in Boulder by 3 their time. Can't wait to see Jesse and Bri and be in the mountains. Bye, my friends. 

From the morning we left. Baby is a little fish in there

Jazz music at The Pheonix

Steps to our Air BNB. A cute little loft apartment. 

View from the couch. We napped, because its vacation. 

That's Kansas, and there's plenty more. 
I love being in a car with a cute, funny guy. Specifically Tyler, I know there are other funny cute guys. But Tyler. He's special. 

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  1. Aaaaah Lonnie McFadden at the Phoenix is the best! Did he tap dance on the bar?