Thursday, June 19, 2014

I made a list of things to do. Not a normal list, but like a list to remind me of what I can do every single day so I don't feel bored or worthless as I have the last few weeks. I shouldn't need a list for that, but there is something wrong with my brain. It's like I can only work on something when Leon is crying for me, but if he's napping and I have all the time in the world I find myself sitting on the couch or just zoning out.

Yesterday we went for a walk, where Leon took a 45 minute nap and that's all he thought he needed. So that was kind of a bust, but it felt good to be out early in the morning and sweat. I'm teaching him to say "hi" and wave right now... which pretty much means I'm saying "Hi!" and waving to him a lot. He just smiles like I'm magic. He knows what "jump" means, which is super cute.

This morning we sat in our front yard on a blanket and watched my neighbor hoop. She is like a wild gypsy with that hoop. She is several houses down, but maybe one morning I'll have her teach me. Haha. It's enjoyable to watch.

Things I will wash my hair with before I go and buy normal shampoo from the grocery store: water, bentonite clay, baking soda, vingear, apple cider vinegar. None of them really work. Baking soda and clay make my hair feel like it's full of grease and dirt. Just need to get to Lush, but that involves driving and going into a mall, and then getting upselled for shit I don't need. It happens every time! Lip tint. Come on, Shannon.

The new Arcade Fire cd is good. I wonder when we will stop calling them CDs. I love this guy named Ben Moats. Turns out he lives in St. Louis and is friends with one of my yoga teacher friends. I had several of his songs on my playlist in yoga... next thing I know, I have a signed CD from the guy. And my friend said he goes, "So, they're, like, my fans?!" Haha. Weird.

I taught yoga to a group of ladies at my church Tuesday night. Seventeen ladies showed up! It was awesome. I really enjoyed it, and it was laid back and chill. I told them not to make mean faces at me if something I said was confusing. We had a good time.

I took Leon to his Grandma's house to swim in the kiddie pool with his cousin Landon. They were both naked and it was adorable. Leon loves water.

Welp. Later.

EDIT: The list helped. I deep-ish cleaned my kitchen, swept and mopped the downstairs, cleaned up the baby room to prepare for some rearranging, baked cookies, hung out with two friends, and Leon has napped and been so happy today. Ah. Now I am tired.

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