Friday, June 13, 2014

This week has been an interesting one. I met a friend for lunch yesterday, but about 20 minutes in I had yelling baby. I tried everything. I've never felt like I couldn't console my own child. We went straight to the store to get an amber teething necklace, which Tyler hates. Duh. But... we had the best night of sleep. I love it. And of course, Tyler thinks it had nothing to do with the necklace. I haven't slept this well in 6 months... actually, 14 months. Believe what you want. I love hippy shit. I also got some clove oil, mixed it with coconut oil and rubbed it on his gums. The first time was fine. Second time I made it a drop stronger... he was so mad. He was making a horrible face and wouldn't eat. I always make things too strong.

Yesterday I prayed for God to help me be more disciplined. Then I panicked, and prayed that he wouldn't do it by taking my legs away. But this morning I woke up twenty minutes before Tyler got home from the gym. It gave me time to swish some coconut oil to get all the night rot out of my mouth, dry skin brush (do it!), shower, dry my bangs... wow. I feel good. Worth it. Especially after a night of pretty great sleep. We're going to do yoga at 8 by the river, then Alisha is coming over!! Tonight we're going to Tyler's parent's house for Father's Day.

I wanted to celebrate early. I bought Tyler some fun beer from Trader Joe's, a dark chocolate bar, and I a card. I made a yummy dinner. He had a book study, I had music practice. Also, I sing so much better after I've had a beer. I'm so up tight.

I am walking away from Facebook. If you don't have the messenger app on your phone, it's super handy if anyone needs to reach you. It pops up on your phone just like a text message so you don't have to go into Facebook to use it. I love that. But I deleted the Facebook app off my phone and my iPad. I checked it one last time this morning because I had asked some questions on a natural mama's facebook page. Anyway, I already feel lighter. I give up super easy. If I have a bad day, then screw it, I'll just sit on Facebook until an hour before Tyler gets home, then I'll run around frantic making the house look clean. Lame.

I find myself reading tons of "articles" (I think they're usually blog posts...) about things, and then all I can say is "I read this thing about..." but never actually experience it. I get inspired, and then I go take a nap. No way to live.

So. I'll probably blog a little more. I'll still be using Instagram. Perhaps I'll teach my kid some sign language, or feed him.

Alright. Peace.

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  1. I need to quit Facebook too, again. I guess I can't do anything just a little. I read all the articles.
    Yoga by the river, how nice!