Monday, June 23, 2014

Travel and stuff

I'm (still) reading Notes from a Blue Bike. She's a blogger, a writer, mom, traveler.

We went to Springfield this weekend for Lacy's baby shower. The shower was what you'd pin on Pinterest, or see on a blog. It was insanely perfect, outdoor... I won't even describe it, just click this link. And be amazed, not only at the decorating but also the photography.

After the shower, a couple of us girls just chilled out, went to dinner, and had a sleep over... oh, plus Leon. Tyler was camping with Dustin. It was his first time away from Leon, and he missed him a lot. I missed Tyler a lot because my arms were tired. And because I like him.

Anyway, I've been reading that book and she's talking about her travels. Her and her husband both work from home and they make their life so that at any moment they can up and fly/drive away with their three kids. I follow her on Instagram, and she's currently in Italy with her husband and no kids on a writing thing.

I'm just thinking some thoughts, okay. I have always known that if you want something, go get it. Work for it. I see people knit, and I know that if I don't practice, I won't knit. Truly, I don't care that much. Maybe I'll learn how if I break my foot or something. But traveling. It would be cool to travel... to somewhere I've never been. There is a lady from church with four kids and her and her husband go on road trips across the US. With four young kids. I get car sick. And I kinda hate planes.

As I read this book I get all pumped and I'm like I WANT TO EXPERIENCE CULTURE!!! Tougher with a six month old, but doable... anyway, I can dream. Right now, maybe plan a little.

For now, I'm going to plan some meals and go to the veggie stand when Leon wakes up. And I just read this article, which I really, really liked.

We are tired. We were in bed a little before 8 last night. Today is full of laundry, yoga sequencing, eating light, and coffee sprinkled throughout the day. Oh and I just started shooting Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning and at night. It's good for you.



  1. I want to read that book now!

    I'm totally on board with the traveling with a baby. I took Noah to Michigan at four months and then we took him to San Diego at six months and it was awesome. Once you decide you're okay with packing everything you own instead of having a nice little carry on to share between the two of you it's really not that bad. They make vacations so entertaining :).

    I looked at for tips on traveling with kids.

    No pressure, I'm just a fan ;)

  2. Traveling sounds stressful, but also really exciting if you have everything the baby needs. :)
    Gosh, Lacy's shower pictures were amazing!