Thursday, January 26, 2012

Amanda, I didn't dye my hair like I did last January (mistake!). I got lo-lights. People hardly even notice. I'm surprised you did. I just wanted my highlights to grow out gracefully. There is this new trend called Ombre. It's where you dye the top of your hair dark and the bottom light, to look like your bleached hair has grown out and you "just don't care." I prefer to look like I don't care while still having pretty hair.

I haven't slept well lately. I lay in bed for 2 hours, my mind racing, playing out scenarios (speeches at friend's weddings, hard conversations at work, all the things I need to do, etc.) But I slept until 8:30 this morning, which is a miracle.

I went to yoga. It was amazing. Then I was walking to the car and noticed a coffee shop directly across the street. I'd never been in there before. I remember one time there was an old man on the porch and he was yelling (sweetly) at everyone to come in. So today I went in. I asked for a light roast, but it was apparent that the shop gets zero business and there was no fresh coffee. So he said, "OH! Let me make you an Americano! You'll love it!" I knew I wouldn't, but I felt bad for the guy, so I said ok. He told me about his business problems and the Valentine's decorations were a bit overwhelming. I swear, I wanted to be like, "Let me fix your coffee shop... for free." Oh well. I have a meeting this Sunday morning before church and I thought about moving to his shop just to give him some business. I asked if he was open on Sunday mornings. He said yes. I said, "OK! You might see me here this Sunday then." He said, "Well, my partner's kids work on Sundays, and sometimes they sleep in... so if we're not open then don't hold it against me." What a strange way to run a business.

I'm going to get an iPhone on February 1st. What, what.


  1. Ah! I just saw your yoga picture. Hello muscles.

  2. I am jealous that you do yoga as I am just too lazy to do it, but I enjoyed the coffee story.