Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New deodorant, new blog

Well... I did it. I archived all my old blog posts (all 452 of them since January of '09), deleted them from my blog, and opened up the ol' blog for everyone's sweet little eyes. Slightly terrifying. It took me a good 5 minutes, a sweet knee pat from Tyler, and then a long sigh to hit the delete button.

Also, here is an easy deodorant recipe that works. Ok, don't make a mess and cook stuff in your kitchen. Buy a jar of coconut oil, scoop some out into a smaller container to keep in the bathroom (so you can cook with some of it too) and every morning get just a bit on your finger and rub it in your arm pits. Next, take a regular spoonful of baking soda into your palm, toss it back and forth between your hands, and put the excess back in the baking soda jar (I wouldn't use that in brownies), and poof it into your arm pits. I'm going to buy a "pouf" tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just do what I've been doing, just patting it with my hands. Either way, I get home from a long day of nasty feet and running around and I smell fresher than a newborn. Tyler is trying it too.

Why? Because antiperspirants have aluminum in them, and I've read that this can be a cause for breast cancer... especially when you slather it in your arm pits, near to all of your lymph nodes. If you think taking this precaution is silly, then by all means, aluminum it up.

We are currently drinking our last bottle of California wine. Man it's good. When I close my eyes I think might be in the hills of california... chilling out at a vineyard, stealing the free cheese and summer sausage.

Tomorrow is my day off... ! I'm singing that in an opera voice. I love work. But I love a day off. Going to yoga, exchanging some jeans at the mall... the opportunities are endless.

Charlotte is the most loved dog in the world. Every morning after she rolls around and breathes really loud and I feed her and poop her, she slams her body against the back door, I let her in, and we snuggle for the next 45 minutes in my bed. She is like a lazy 14 year old daughter after that. I know, because I was one.

Wedding planning is the cat's pajamas.

me and my sweet man. 


  1. You darkened your hair again? Your dimple is cute. Just all around gorgeous.
    I'm so glad you told me about that deodorant. I was dreading cooking that other concoction.

  2. I mix coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch (helps keep pits dry, if it irritates you I hear arrowroot flour works too?) and keep it in a tupperware container. I love it! You can also add essential oils or something like that for scent. And I've heard of people keeping it in an old deodorant tube... you just have to keep it somewhere cool enough for the coconut oil to stay solid.