Monday, January 30, 2012

Warts and cysts

Tonight I did this pose successfully for the first time. And finally this one below, actually touching my fingers to the ground...
You start this in plank, then go into side plank, then drop your top leg back and rotate around with your top arm still plugged onto your back and next to your ear. 

Sorry if you don't care. 

This weather is so lovely that I could just scream. 

Hopefully Wednesday I do get my new phone. If so, mom, after Wednesday you'll wish I still had a broken phone. I thought about calling you from a work phone, but then I felt a little guilty about it. 

Oh, weddings galore. Galore, galore. 

I wonder how many hairs I have eaten in my lifetime. Charlotte's hair is everywhere. My hair is everywhere. And of course if you live with a man, there are just pubes everywhere.

I started brushing my hair. I used to not. It gets weird at work though, because people pick my hair off my shirt all the time and makes jokes about making a wig with it, and I guess it's unprofessional not to brush your hair. So, I've been brushing it about once a week. Trying to get it to grow too... stimulating the follicle is supposed to help, says Alli Shead. 

After yoga, I didn't shower right away. So about an hour after yoga I was feeling extra greasy, I went into the bathroom and I had 7 poppable zits. Gross. I googled "homemade face wash" and this lady says that she washes her face every night with one part Sunflower/Olive oil and one part Castor Oil. I hate the grocery store, but I went immediately. There was no castor oil, so I got mineral oil, which I'm praying is basically the same thing. They're both laxatives. Anyway, here's the link to the directions.

I'm obsessed with baking soda, so I washed my face with it this morning. It worked... and burned a little.

I will say that my face was doing a lot better when I didn't drink caffeine at all. Once I quit coffee, it's like I didn't realize how smooth my skin was. Now that I drink about 8 ounces a day, doesn't matter, my face isn't as clear.

ALSO. I have had two little cysts in my finger since I was about seven years old. They have grown, but they're still much smaller than a pea. I got a wart on my leg a while back, I froze it off, and it's back again. I think I'm getting one on my finger. Tyler has one on his finger. I also have these two cysts in my neck, one I've had for about 6 years, one is new. Now that you know how gross I am... I googled "anti-wart diet." You're supposed to eat raw, fruits and veggies, bla bla bla. I would just have to get extra strict. I'm already mostly strict. I want to know where this wart/cyst virus comes from.

Alright. I think I've been gross enough for one day.

Here's one more picture, so maybe someone will comment. It's funny, because I see how many people read this... but I don't know who because no one comments. It's okay. I can't make you. I'm just so curious.
These are my 3 dreadlocks. The one on the right was too short to go into my ponytail, but it goes in now. This is an older picture. Now they're red and a little more defined... or refined (in the dreadlock sense).


  1. My gracious, what a lovely post. If you could hear me I would say, "good god, Lemon", in a Jack Donaghy voice.
    When you move to Tulsa some day, I'll have you teach me some yoga.

  2. I read. I'm jealous of your dreadlocks. I got castor oil at whole foods a while ago and tried to wash my face with oil... but I just broke out a lot, so I quit. It was sad.

  3. Just to reaffirm that cooties are real:

    virus that cause warts of any kind are, you guessed it, transmitted FROM OTHER PEOPLE.


  4. I read ya, girl. I agree about the pubes. I laughed out loud for a long time about that, partly because of the hilarity, and partly because of how acutely I identify with you about it. : )