Saturday, January 28, 2012

To yoga or not to yoga

I was asked to do yoga teacher training last year. It didn't work out last year. This year it's on weekends only, which is amazing. I just got a raise... everything is seeming to "fall into place." Except that Tyler doesn't think it's "worth it to pay to go learn about Buddhism."

Yes, the roots of yoga and founded on Buddhism. It's true. We talked to our elders about doing yoga and they said that as long as it doesn't become an idol and we don't fall into that "empty your brain" way of thinking, then we could continue doing it. It's a great place for physical health, to make friends, and... I remember when I was going crazy a couple of years back, I went to yoga at Club Fitness and the time at the end of class where you can completely relax and close your eyes, it kind of just... helped me not be as crazy. I'm not saying yoga saved me from being a panicky psycho. I think God did it in many ways. One of those was yoga.

A lot of people were asked to do the training, but I know they really want me to do it. I really want to do it. Like, if I can't, I will need to take a week or so to cry and mourn over that dream. I see it as an investment. Someday I might get certified in Nutrition. Well, this year I'd like to get nationally certified to teach yoga and get yoga classes for free. It's not like I won't use it, it's just a question of whether God would be glorified through it. Marc Driscoll says no, but he also wears stupid shirts.

In other news, I got a raise! Yeah, man. It was a surprise to me, and I just feel so blessed.

Well, I feel like getting another tattoo... for my birthday...

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