Monday, February 6, 2012


This weekend was rough in terms of eating, drinking, and sleeping. Bachelorette party, super bowl, lack of sleep, I ate a burger.. and pizza twice. I drank beer like a monk. I was hoping to start over today, but Tyler and I met our pastor at Mcdonald's and I can't say no to those breakfast burritos with fake cheese and salsa in a packet. The black coffee hit me about immediately, and so did my weekend of poison.

I went to yoga after work. We did handstands, which I've been doing since I was seven and claimed to be Shannon Miller, so it wasn't that scary.

The scary part was flipping from handstand into wheel...

I've been looking at earrings online, and I love all the cool gauges but they're like 30 bucks and seem so simple to make... so I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some polymer clay, paint, and clear stuff to go over it, and bake some earrings. 

I'm addicted to words with friends. Tyler got it on his phone so he could "interact" with me. That isn't really fair though, because I could say the same thing about him and watching basketball.

The meeting with our pastor went well. I'm meeting with my teachers on Wednesday morning to ask more questions about teacher training. 

Tomorrow I'm going to work on healing my body and giving my poor organs a break. 

Let's see, what else... OH! I'll be home Saturday and Sunday for wedding showers galore, and my family birthday party :) It'll be a short trip, but I'm glad I get to take it, otherwise I wouldn't be back until mid march... which is quickly approaching! Can't wait to marry my sister off.


  1. woo hoo I'm excited that you are coming to visit!!! :) now i won't feel so stalkerish since I can talk to you in real life as opposed to through blogging ;)

  2. You do the wheel? Gosh. Now you have to show us, maybe if there is some dead time at the shower. :)

  3. Dead time entertainment - good idea.