Monday, February 13, 2012

Home, James.

I'm back in St. Charles now... quick recap of the weekend...

Nearly got arrested at the airport for having a self-defense keychain in my bag. Cried and got yelled at by a mean cop. Sat between two annoying men on the plane.

Saturday morning I went and met  Kristi at her daughter's basketball game because that was truly the only free time I had. It was good to just see her, and sweet to watch Hannah play basketball. She's sweet and adorable. Kaleb told me to take a plush stuffed Orca pillow on the plane next time instead of a crazy keychain. I thought that was good advice. Kristi will be a coach until she dies, so I was entertained while she coached from the bleachers and the refs had some fun with it.

Ange's family shower was after. I could have eaten an entire casserole dish of quiche that Amanda made. I drank too much coffee, ate some cake balls, and some tasty "scones" that Alyson made. It was fun chatting with the family and getting my hair braided by Alyson, just like in the old days. Mom took me shopping after and I got the most comfy yoga pants from Lululemon. That night was Ange's bachelorette party. We ate at Wild Fork and partied at her house after. We made Long Island Ice Tea.

Church was the next morning and it was great. I miss Redeemer, but I do love Refuge of course. We had my birthday lunch at my parent's house after. I was so exhausted. I took a nap at 4:30 because I hung with Bob and Ange and Mom all afternoon. It was fun talking. We talked about dreams. Ange and I are both weird when it comes to dreams.

I took a long nap, then went to dinner with Mom and Dad at Olive Garden. Oh, also Alyson mentioned to my family that I get funny and crazy after a drink. The kids asked, "What kind of drink?!" and Alyson told them iced tea. So when I walked in from church the kids were begging me to drink tea so I would get crazy. It was hilarious.

I enjoyed watching the grammys. So glad Nikki Minaj got the demons exercised out of her. How freaking weird.

I thought Jennifer Hudson was Whitney Houston at first and it freaked me out. I thought they staged her death just to throw people off. But anyway, Jennifer Hudson did well. I'm sad for Whitney Houston.

I got in trouble on the plane this morning because I had my carry-on in my lap as a pillow instead of stowed. Flight Attended didn't say a word to me the whole trip until I was getting off the plane and she said, "Next time your bag needs to be stowed. You'll be fined next time you try that, a big one." I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize." She said, "Uh, I said it before we took off." and looked at me with a you're-sneaky-and-I-hate-you kind of look. I said, "Oh, well I guess I misheard you. I apologize." Thanks for ruining my morning and treating me like a 7 year old. I hope to never step foot into an airport again. People make mistakes, ok. People carry keychains and people use bags as pillows. Why don't you tar and feather me.

The Staves is my new favorite band. They sound similar to Eisley, but a much different musical style. Give them a listen.


  1. Man, you just need to move here so you don't have to fly anymore.

  2. I remember when Ange and I would start every morning by telling each other what we had dreamed (dreamt?). Now, as Claire and Kate are roommates, they wake up and tell their dreams. It's sweet.

  3. I made your blog!!! Oh and at Kaleb's game that night, some parents got yelled at for being rude and the ref went up to them and told them they would be kicked out. It made my little "coaching" from the stands seem like nothin :) It is so hard to not coach. Thanks for taking time to meet me. I loved seeing you.

  4. I definitely thought Jennifer Hudson was Whitney, too. It had something to do with her hair, I think.

  5. So are you done with your Food Blog? Should I delete it from blogs I follow?