Thursday, February 2, 2012

Days off

What's funny about days off is that... I need them, I look forward to them... and then I sit in silence in my house and have to coax myself to shower or go to Target or drink water. Why is this? Then the next day when I'm at work, I long for my day off...

I got an iPhone. It's pretty fun. I downloaded a horse app where you just take care of a horse. That's pretty much it. I deleted my horse this morning because, holy smokes, what a waste of time. I played a game where you flick paper wads into a trash can. I almost downloaded  another pet, because I miss having a giga pet so much... but I think I'm done with stupid apps. Except for words with friends. Someone asked me to play, so I guess I'm playing now. I got 15 points with the word "quid."

This weather is amazing, and it's going to rain all weekend long. I would like for spring to be officially here.

I found my dress for Lauren's wedding. It's cute. I want to wear it before she gets married though.

I also purchased some lingerie for Amanda's bachelorette party this Saturday... and a headband for myself.

The cashier at Target gave me the total. I was digging for change, and then said "Oh well" and handed her a $1 instead. She says to me, "You mean to tell me you have all that change and you're handing me a one? Let me show you how this works!" She begins to scoop all the change out of my wallet and puts it on the counter. Together, we dug out the correct change (amidst all the pennies) and she told me I was lazy. In a nice way. She was pretty funny. She also made me turn super red and I got sweaty.

Sometimes I wish I could just say to myself, "Self, do something." I don't know what stops me from cleaning or picking up dog poop. My bed is warm and comfy? This weather reminds me of taking an afternoon nap in spring? I should be getting some vitamin D. Happy Thursday everyone. I'm going to go do something.


  1. Kudos for 'quid." Q’s without U’s rock! Qi, Qat, Qaid and Qanat. Another great skill-builder is unscrambling anagrams to make words from a jumble of letters. If you like TV trivia and anagrams, my blog is fun and good practice for WWF. Let me know what you think of it.

  2. On your next day off, perhaps I can coax you to hang out with me? Let's do it.

  3. WHy do people keep inviting you to come see their blogs?

  4. Yeah, don't do it. Look, I'm reading your blog and commenting. I haven't done that in weeks! I'm turning over a new leaf ;) And I'm going to try your coconut oil, baking soda thing. I sweat a lot, but maybe not as much as you. Loving your low light hair. I'm doing that very soon. The blondy-blonde had it's day in the sun. I'm running 7.5 miles today. Wow.