Sunday, February 26, 2012

I could have used the same title from my last post. I left Wednesday for a work retreat, then went to Lacy and Dustin's on Friday, and we came home today (Sunday).

We slept for a half hour, I went to a Yoga Teacher Training meeting at Blue Bird, we took pizza and beer to our friends, then came home and I did homework for the teacher training. And here I sit, Sunday evening trying to stay awake at 7 pm.

Tyler and I talked about Yoga Teacher Training today. We decided I could do the training. I will share more about it later, but I am nervous and excited.

The work retreat was good. I enjoy getting to know my coworkers better. I feel like a child though. I spent my 24th birthday with them, which just makes me feel like a baby and all I could think about was how to cut my hair so I'd look like more of an adult. But thankfully I spent some time with Lacy after and that knocked some sense into me. I don't need to look like everyone I'm around. I can just be myself.

Also, spending your birthday with coworkers is not ideal. They did get me a cake and balloons and flowers. They sang me Happy Birthday in a fancy restaurant. My eyes watered and I laughed, but all I wanted was to be with my friends and family. It wasn't quite the same. But Lacy drove the 40 minutes to see me on my birthday night. I ditched my coworkers and her and I hung out for the evening. I cried when I saw her. I get so homesick, and I miss my friend.

Back to present day. We took pizza and beer to our friends tonight because they had been waiting for their baby to be born. They were adopting a little girl. They got to know the mother who was so ready to not be pregnant and to go back to school and to not have to take care of a baby. She updated them throughout the pregnancy, and throughout the labour. After the labour, she said she didn't want them to see the baby yet. The next morning she said she wanted to parent the baby. Three months of waiting and preparing and they came home with no baby. Absolutely heart breaking. They've been through a lot and everyone would say they deserve a baby. God is so confusing. But He is good. Pray for them.

Starting tomorrow I'm back on the healthy wagon. I ate way to much crap with my coworkers. Everything was paid for and tasty. I wasn't hungry for three days, but I ate anyway. When we got to Lacy and Dustin's we went shopping at a little fancy grocery store. We made kale salad and bacon-wrapped cheese-stuffed jalapenos. We ate out a few times too. Good gracious. Tomorrow is a new day.

I have five days of work and then Amanda's wedding. Still need to purchase some wedding shoes.

8:45 pm. Goodnight.


  1. Aw, praying for your friends. That's pretty devastating. You would be a good yogi. Just go ahead and dreadlock your whole head with little lucky rabbit feet.

  2. I'm really excited for you getting Yoga Teacher Training. How wonderful to teach the thing you love. Are you quitting the food blog?