Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Sunday morning. Our friends Dustin and Lacy came to stay with us for the weekend so they could go to our friend's wedding (the one I was in). We were just at their house last weekend.

Friday night we stayed up late and went to Trailhead. Saturday morning the wedding extravaganza began. at 11. The wedding was at 2pm, the reception at 7pm. What a long day.

My dress was short, but cute. But short. I was kind of insecure about that all day, and I wore my volleyball spandex under it.

I'm trying to work on my face and my walk. Apparently I look un-enthused and I waddle/stomp. After a long day, we waited to go into the reception as a wedding party. Half the party was drunk, and I felt like the unfun bridesmaid when the drunk groomsman said to me with slurred speech, "Hunneee.... you need ta cheer up." I said, "Oh, man. I'm good. Don't you worry about me. I'm good." The bridesmaids, whom I love, were also a little silly. When it was my turn to walk in, alone (I walked with Tyler in the wedding), people said I looked like I was on a mission, that I walked fast, didn't make eye contact with anyone except Tyler as I walked toward him, and looked uncomfortable (I was smiling though). All of that was true. But then the mixture of being exhausted and slightly annoyed and someone asking me why I waddled in just made me start balling.

I was talking to Lauren and I said, "Just so you know, I feel like balling." Then I did. I hadn't drank any alcohol or really eaten food all day, because it didn't sound good. Once I cried and had some whiskey, I was ok.

I think that I just hate being misunderstood. I know that I do. It's like being wrongfully accused. No, I don't hate life, I just don't want to act like I love being the center of attention for 10 seconds in a room full of strangers when I definitely do not.

Anyway, I just ate a cupcake for breakfast. Also, all night I dreamed that I had to find and account for all of the drinks poured at the wedding (open bar). Stressful, and nearly impossible.

Amanda (the bride) looked stunning. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of her wedding. I am way pumped about Ange's wedding in 2 weeks, and Lauren's wedding in a month. Tyler said after this summer we will graciously decline any invitation to be in someone's wedding :)

So, this is the end of the story.


  1. Aw I bet you looked beautiful.
    I hate it when people comment on whether I look comfortable or enthused or not... it's like, 'thanks for the comment, now I feel even more awesome.'
    I think weddings are inherently awkward and only drunk and/or extremely extroverted people look comfortable at them :)

  2. What kind of soul would tell you you waddled after your walk-in? A drunken one, I guess.
    I'm sure you were stunning and appeared much more mature in your not loving to be the center of attention.
    Your hair and dress and face looked just gorgeous in your pictures. Maybe you can help me with my hair-do.