Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It must be that time of month again when I feel like I'm the worst person in the whole world.

Ange and I used to do this thing where if we messed something up, like dripped water on the counter or forgot to bring a ponytail holder with us somewhere, we'd say "Uh! I'm the worst!" and then laugh.

Well. I'm not laughing. I am just second guessing myself all the time, whether it's going to Yoga Teacher Training, bringing out a shoe size, eating a cookie. I just feel like the The Worst.

I ate a ton of broccoli yesterday. Mistake.

Charlotte is the sweetest. She loves this weather. She went to the front door this morning and kept tapping her nose on the door knob. I opened the door. Now she's happy. She also ran around the back yard like a race horse... with a tarp in her mouth. So cute.

I get to go home in a week. Ah. Not looking forward to the drive, but it'll be great.

Oh. I dreamed last night that my sisters, mom, and I were in the living room at my parent's house. The piano we had there was demonic, so we put in on the landing of the stairs to get it away from us(?). As we hung out, I kept floating up into the air and the piano would start playing. Alyson yelled at me to stop letting the demon do that to me. She was mad, and I felt so evil. What the heck is wrong with me. It wasn't scary, I just felt like the worst for being weak enough to let the demon get to me. Analyze away.

Time for a shower and a nap... and then work. Tomorrow is my fake day off. I still have to go in, but I have most of the day off.

do yourself a favor and listen to this

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  1. Speaking of dreams, Lola woke up from her nap laughing and saying she was jumping in a hole with her friends. So cute.
    Awesome music. I bought their album.
    And why on earth would you second guess Yoga Teacher Training? I was thinking about this today and I think the way you see yourself is so different from the way we see you, all managing stuff and yoga strong, blogging like a boss, awesome hair, being a sober bridesmaid, and just so smart...
    I just think you're your harshest critic, just like I am mine. I told Ange people were staring at me at Lowe's because my face looks horrible and she told me she thinks it's because I'm pretty. What?! She sees me differently than I see myself.
    You're not the worst. You're the best! :)