Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi. I'm so freaking tired.

I slept for a couple hours yesterday and ten hours last night. Trying to catch up from the weekend, but I couldn't stop writing my toast for Ange's wedding while I laid in bed... and my toast for Lauren's wedding... and when I finally fell asleep, I dreamed that I had to sneak poison brownies to all my friends and when they were all sick and puking from the poison I had to tell them they had been poisoned and unless they followed me they would all die. This higher evil being was making me do these things, and there was a big dark mansion and a swamp (kind of like Day of the Tentacle, but more realistic). I even poisoned Tyler, but I tried to tell him not to eat the brownies. He loves sweets though, and it'll be the death of him. I think it's because we had brownies after dinner.

This will seem abrupt. I found a lump in my chest. In my head it's like a scare... like when you think you're pregnant and you're totally not. Well, it could just be a swollen lymph node (I actually don't know anything about that, but I would imagine it could be a possibility)... but it could also be more. I made an appointment at the Dr, and that made it more real. But, it's nothing until it's something. So it's nothing.

I need to go to Sam's and Aldi. All I wanted today was some broccoli. Anything green. Not sure how to say this tactfully, but if you're shit is brown then you're not eating enough greens. At least, that's what I think. This is my sign that I need some salad.

I hate the grocery store. I'm terrible at shopping for deals, and it makes me sweat. Can't imagine doing it with a kid.

Tonight I'm going to apply to the Yoga Teacher Training program.

The end.


  1. Good choice to get it checked out!
    Maybe someday I'll have some free cash so I can come to your cool yoga classes. You would be my favorite yoga teacher ever... :)

  2. I had my yearly today. So yucky. Please keep us updated on your doc appointment. Praying you just have lumpy breasts? Ok, that was weird. Love you

  3. I had two such spots and they ended up being superficial things. We're a cyst-y family. It is always best to get it checked though. I'll pray for your appt. anyway.