Friday, March 23, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday.

I slept in until 7:30 this morning. Tyler took his truck to get it worked on and ran back 3 point something miles. Good for him. I ate Mexican food last night and I'm regretting it today. Going for a run is the last thing I want to do, plus I'd probably poop my pants.

After dinner with the Shead's last night, Allison and I watched Breaking Dawn part 1. I hadn't seen it yet. It's pretty awful, but of course I still needed to watch it. They could have wrapped that movie up in about a half hour and it would have been way cooler, plus they wouldn't have to make a part 2. Oh well. Every few minutes, Allison and I would start chuckling to ourselves and look at each other and laugh.

Tyler took me to breakfast in the city this morning. Going into St. Louis is so weird, because we hardly ever drive out that way. Anyway. I felt like I was on vacation for an hour and a half.

A couple hundred bucks to fix Tyler's truck this morning, a couple hundred bucks for a new washer (the repair man was nice enough to start a load of laundry for us before he told us we needed a new washer. thanks? like, he literally grabbed a dirty load off the floor and put it in the washer). I decided to go to an antique store and spend 13 dollars on a cute wooden crate that was painted a light green. It's for our recycling. If it's going to sit in the kitchen for a few days at least it'll look cute.

Tyler and I talked about moving to Tulsa, the area Jenny and Spencer live. We love it out there. Maybe we'd buy a lot and have dad design/build us a totally bad ass house, with high ceilings and book shelf stairs. A screened in porch for the dogs. A kitchen/living room to entertain people in. A few extra rooms so Zach and come live with us, and so our kids don't have to sleep between a desk and an airdyne bike. It's fun thinking about that stuff, but the time isn't here yet.

Maybe I'll have a room where I can teach yoga. I'll invite everyone I know. We'll do yoga, and drink tea afterwards.

This weekend is Lauren's bachelorette party. We're going to build a fire, drink margaritas, and eat chips and queso.

I'm off all day today and tomorrow! Besides my staff meeting. Not sure what I'll do. I need to get rid of some clothing. Oh! I used the gift card Zach got me and purchased a bathing suit from Patagonia. It's cute and was on sale. I haven't purchased a bathing suit in 5 years. Can't wait for the 4th of July.

Alright, 2 more things. I need a place to store all of my photos on iPhoto for when this computer crashes. I have 10,725 photos. Ideas? The way my blog is set up, it archives. I wish iPhoto would do that.

Also, that time a few weeks ago when I was sick and I woke up to my hip hurting very badly... that's been happening about every other night. I don't know what to do. It's the same hip, and it's like my hip/butt cheek muscle. It's frustrating and it hurts to walk.

Alright. Time to get'r done. Peace.


  1. yeah!!! come live by us!!! in a few years when you are ready :)

    and bring alisha please. that would just make an awesome thing even awesomer . . . not a word, oh well ;)

  2. There is a muscle above the sciatic nerve (or it could be your sciatic nerve) that could be causing your hip/butt muscle pain. My mom had precisely the same symptoms as you are describing. Try visiting the chiropractor? Some people don't like chiropractors, but it has always worked wonders for me, especially for muscle type pain.

  3. love chiropractors. I should have never stopped going. My body is jacked. Thanks for the obvious, yet genius idea