Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm kind of in a bad mood

Today I came home from work and I was in the worst mood possible. That mood where nothing is the way you want it to be and everything is stupid, to the point where you feel like slamming things and sighing like this - "Ugggghhhhhh!" Like, I felt like a total diva. But I couldn't shake it.

I was so physically exhausted that all I wanted was a nice summer beer and a sit on the porch. However, we decided not to drink until Easter, which totally pisses me off when I'm in this mood.

So I made quinoa with sauteed kale and fish. Then Tyler took me to Dairy Queen for ice cream. We talked about work and the pink slime in processed meat.

We walked to the Shead's house and smoked hookah and sat around the fire. I drank Chamomile tea. It was nice.

Here's a conversation I had with an extremely ignorant, self-entitled woman today at work. This is the scenario - sale week, crazy busy, I was waiting for a computer to check her out but we had a few people ahead of us. She slightly mumbles under her breath while staring at me, "Ugh. Are you kidding me?... this is ridiculous... hhhhhhhhh, man... how long will this take?" while one of my awesome employees was getting info on their customer. This is what we're supposed to do. I said, "Is there a problem?" She says, "You know, you guys need one person at the register and everyone else helping customers," with a condescending smile. I had already heard some of her mumblings earlier and I was so finished with her. Trust me, I'm very sweet and patient and people love me. There are some customers who need to be taken down a freaking notch though. I replied to her, "Well, we've had that thought before and even tried it, but it really doesn't work because then one less fitting specialist is on the floor and people waiting for a fitting specialist get upset when the person standing behind the counter can only help them if they need to check out, but aren't actually doing anything at that time." She said, "Well, from a consumer standpoint, trust me, it's a better idea." I said, "Alright, well we've been doing this for 15 years and this has been the process we've found to work best." Then she goes, "Yeah, well I waited for 15 minutes and all I needed to do was check out." This, in fact, was a bold faced lie. She had me track a shoe for her, try the shoe on her son, and she made me listen to her whine the whole time. She also waited about 4 minutes. Then I said, "Well, I apologize for the wait, but this way each person gets the time they need from each fitting specialist. Everyone here is treated equally." Then of course she had to be the last one to say something, I don't remember what she said, something about her being right again, and I responded, "HA. Alright."

It was kind of like the conversation from Bridesmaids when Kristen Wigg says she doesn't think people change, and then the crazy maid of honor says "Well, I think they change." Kristen says, "We don't change, we just grow." Crazy bridesmaid says, "No. We change. And we grow." And it goes on and on. I don't know. I just don't take condescending talk well. Especially from a short little lady telling me how to run my store. Go walk all over your husband and control you kid's lives, psycho. If I was her kid, I'd run away and start doing drugs.

Oh, this lady also told me that the employees at our Lake St. Louis store were all dumb. "They only hire dumb people out there." I said, "Actually, that store is a part of our company and I know the people working out there. They aren't dumb. I'm sorry your experience wasn't to your liking when you went there though." She responded, "No. They're dumb."

Tomorrow is a new day. I'll be chipper as a bear when I wake up, I'm sure.

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