Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's get rich and build our house on a mountain, making everybody look like ants

I missed yoga today. I'm bordering slight depression right now (exaggeration... I'm just feeling really apathetic and cynical). Today I was balancing being a calm, responsible adult while my staff and I figured out our new system at work. Stay and help them all night? Let them know that someone is there who can "fix" all of their mistakes? It's scary dealing with people's credit cards (switching Point of Sale systems is like switching languages... oh, I exaggerate again). I did stay rather than go to yoga. I was going to work out, but I applied to Yoga Teacher Training instead. It's legit now, just needs to go in the mail. Right now I'm icing my bunions and Charlotte is licking the ice bag. 

I'm tired of being tired and running late. When I run late and miss yoga, it's like... well, guess I'll blog and ice my bunions. What else can I do? But I guess being tired and running late make you appreciate being well rested and on time. 

We're talking about heaven tomorrow morning at Bible study. I think that will help me. 

I told someone today that I was home and tired and dreaming about gardening with a baby on my hip. I know, you hate me and I need to stop dreaming like the future will be magic and I have it horribly now. I have a good life. It's just hectic right now. 

All the windows are open and it's dark and Charlotte and I are waiting for the rain and for Tyler to get home from class. I think I need to read a book or something. When I came home from OK, I took the stockings off my living room wall (they don't look Christmasy, ok) and de-cluttered a bit. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring after all. Quoting Lisa the street woman after asking me for a cigarette and me replying no and that I do not smoke... "Well... Spring is in the air!" 

I need to get things into perspective. I have a good life. I am happy. I'm just tired. And stressed. And sinful. 


  1. When is your next day off? I have spring break coming sooooooooon.

  2. haha okay this probably isn't supposed to make me laugh but I have totally dreamed about gardening with a baby strapped to my back before!! it just sounds so relaxing!! :)

  3. Well, gardening with kids really is sweet. I have fond memories of the girls picking and eating cherry tomatoes all afternoon and nibbling basil while they swing. I remember putting newborn Claire on a blanket under the tree while I weeded. It is nice. :)