Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Backyard sun

Hi. I'm blogging from my phone. Charlotte is rolling around at my feet. I'm getting some color on my skin. Bugs are crawling on me. Birds are chirping like crazy. It's a nice day. Two days off in a row makes me feel like a spoilt little shit. I love it.

I'm drinking the Starbucks blonde roast again. I probably won't purchase a coffee again for a while. Buying Starbucks is just what I do when I have nothing to do but lay out in the back yard. A hammock would be nice.

I've done a lot of yoga in the last 3 days. Mentally preparing myself for the next week of retail hell that is known as the Anniversary Sale.

I just talked to my mom on the phone. I miss home. My brother is going back to NY today. I'd like him to come live with us for a month. It's been discussed and probably won't happen, but I love him and think it would be cool.

I've realized lately that my managing style is kind of like my dad, which is probably why I drive some people insane. We'll be insanely busy and the stockroom is a mess and everyone is stressed, and I'm like chill out, what's the big deal, sell some shoes. And I know that bothers people, so I should be more empathetic but I cannot be sucked into their cesspool of stress and negativity. Otherwise I can't function.

I just drank a winged bug in my coffee. The morning sun is so intense. I just smacked a wasp with my phone. This is a great Wednesday.


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  1. Peace and the ability to chill in the midst of chaos is a great attribute. You'll be a good mom ;)