Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ange and Bob's Wedding

Well, home again... once again.

Ange's wedding was awesome. She was so gorgeous. So gorgeous she couldn't even believe it. I showed her a picture I took of her and she said, "Man! I didn't know I looked that pretty!"

Manda and I sang. Thankfully I shoved my emotions down for 2 minutes to sing, but that's about as long as I could do it. I found myself, even at the reception, trying not to cry. I even cried when I walked down the aisle when the wedding was over. I hugged Ange, started to cry more... so I went to the bathroom to calm myself. Then the bathroom door fell off. It was a big wooden door. So I'm actually balling at this point, stuck in the bathroom stall with a large wooden door wedged between me and the rest of the world, I'm lightly yelling "Alyson... Alyson...." but she couldn't hear me. Joanna came to the rescue. Walks in the bathroom, sees me crying with the door off it's hinges. She was confused.

Anyway, it's funny that I yelled for Alyson out of all the people in the bride's room. It's like I felt these little girl emotions. Like, "You can't take my sister," emotions. Which are selfish. Anyway, I reverted to the 7-year-old me, where I always yelled for Alyson when I couldn't paint my toes or braid my hair right, or when big wooden doors fall off their hinges.

Amanda gave the sweetest speech ever at the reception. She was worried about it, but truly, best wedding speech ever.

Ange and Bob got picked by a helicopter. It was slightly scary and I think everyone thought about how badly the wedding could have ended... everyone decapitated on a pretty deck. It didn't happen, it was awesome. Most everyone left except the wedding party and family when Ange and Bob flew away, and then they got dropped back off after their helicopter ride. Then it hit my that no one was stealing my sister and she was back and I could still text her even though she's married.

I felt the same way at Amanda and Alyson's weddings. I remember cleaning up each table at the reception and then laying on the pile of tablecloths trying not to cry. I felt empty the next day, but I was also 14 and 15 at the time.

I'm so tired. I have to be at work early tomorrow because we're switching to a new Point of Sale system. Truly, I don't really know how to use it yet. I know the basics, but the boss is supposed to know everything. So I need to get there early to get everything set up. I gave myself this Friday and Saturday off. I never do that just for the heck of it. But the next few weeks are going to be brutal at work, so I'm glad I did it. Tyler and I are going to plant our garden on Friday. He's taking the day off and we're going to Roosters in St. Louis for brunch. It'll be awesome.


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  1. Aw Shannon, I love you. I'm glad you got out of the bathroom door trap and I'm glad we can still be sisters and text after we are married. :D