Saturday, February 4, 2012

Then sings my soul

Alisha, yes. Let's spend some time together. Today I helped a man at New Balance who's daughter is a senior in the counseling program. I told him my good friend was in the program as well. He got your name. He was so excited to go home and tell his daughter. It was hilarious.

Amanda, I'm not sure why randoms keep commenting on my blog. It's not private anymore? I don't know. But that's okay.

Alyson, thank you for joining us again. I loved your newest post. I want to hear one of Hudson's speeches so bad!

About the deodorant... so, my armpits got a little red and tender. I think it was because of the baking soda. So, here is a link to a real, but simple recipe. You don't have to buy expensive oils or do a dance to make it. Why does anyone trust me? I'd rub dust in my armpits if someone said it would work.

Here is a picture of my beloved yoga friends...

We met at a coffee shop and did a drawing for a year membership (for everyone who went to yoga 30 of the 31 days in January). I didn't go all of those days, so I didn't win. That's okay. I just like these people a lot. One of my instructors is to my left and the other one is to Tyler's left. They are sweet girls and I love them.

Tonight I'm going to a bachelorette party. Is there proper spelling for bachelorette? It always says it's spelled wrong. We are pub crawling on The Loop. Should be a lovely rainy evening.

Today I tried to order Jimmy Johns for my staff the the guys says, "are you the person that called earlier?" I said, "um... no." He goes, "Ok. Hang on." Comes back 10 seconds later, "My manager says we can't do this. You can call the other Jimmy John's." I said, "Um.. Ok." I called the other Jimmy John's and told them that the Jimmy John's next door to us refused to make us subs. He told me they were busy. I said, "Ok, well we're busy here to. Don't take it personally, but I'm going to order some pizza." It's weird when for-profits turn down money.

I've been listening to Ascend the Hill to learn a specific harmony part (How Great Thou Art), but I really like them. They redid some hymns. It's pretty.

Time to get all gussied up for the bachelorette party. You're supposed to dress really slutty right? Just kidding.


  1. I uploaded several videos. one is Hudson's presentation of Pike's Peak. It's a good one :) There's another one of Adelle looking at facebook. She calls you mommy and Amena (Amanda) :) The other one is her talking about animals. it's funny too. I'm her mom, so of course I think they're cute and funny. I'll go check out the real deodorant.

  2. Well, I've never gotten a random comment ever on my blog. But I'm just a mom talking about my kids, so I get that.
    Way to put it to the Jimmy John's.