Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alisha, I did hot yoga my freshman year when I was depressed and thought that drinking tiny bottles of Mountain Dew was cute. It killed me (hot yoga... and the Mountain Dew). I think it would still be killer, but I'd like to try it again. It's called Bikram yoga and there are 27 different poses (though I'm sure some people just do yoga with the heater on). Someday when you're a wealthy Counselor and I'm a poor yoga teacher, let's do some hot yoga together.

I got up this morning at 5 am, met my boss at his house, and rode with him out to Wash, MO for the Tent Sale. It was like being at a yard sale for 8 hours. And I rode with him because they don't want to pay gas mileage for driving anymore, which is fine. I tried to harbor some of his awkward comments in my brain. Here is one... I told him that we go home for July 4th and that Tyler proposed on the roof, so we always go back up there on the 4th. He said to me, "... and make out? Hahahahahaha." I replied, "Only a little bit." Then I asked him how old he was, after we said the same thing at the same time and he yelled, "PERSONAL JENKS!" Best boss ever. Truly. I love the company I work for.

When I got home, I laid down in exhaustion. Then I put my favorite headband on and cleaned the bathroom with bleach. And vacuumed and mopped. Tyler mowed. I cut kale and and swiss chard from the garden and made a salad with homemade dressing. Tyler grilled the most lovely steak and we ate it with quinoa at the picnic table in the back yard in the perfect weather. Then we took Charlotte for a walk on Main Street... and now we're watching New Girl. If this isn't a disgustingly good day, I don't know what is.

Back to the tent sale tomorrow... Also, we sold about $25K today. A normal wednesday at the busiest store (my store!) we do about 5K. So. There you go. It was insane.

The end.

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  1. I am going to be obnoxious. It's JINX not JENKS. JENKS is a city you silly Oklahoman.