Monday, May 21, 2012

Whoops 5 year plan for reals

I titled my last post five-year plan and most definitely did not include my plan.

I'm hoping to spend the next five (thousand) years with a real cool boy, James Tyler Wheeler. In June I start my Yoga Teacher Training, and I'll finish in November. Once I finish I'll be teaching free classes at Blue Bird (this is how they suck everyone in) and once everyone is addicted to yoga, they will be charged a very flexible arm and leg to continue taking classes there.

This is where my plan goes another route. I'd like to use my training to teach free classes outside the studio as well. Maybe some for my church, maybe some at Connections, maybe some at Lindenwood (not free for Lindenwood. Lindenwood can have a flaming poop sack on their porch)... At some point, I will have a baby and we will likely still be living here because I don't want to wait until I'm 27 years old to start having kids. This is when I will quit my job and teach yoga on the side of raising kids... or maybe I'll do yoga with a kid in a sling on my back. And eventually when we move back to Tulsa and have 4 kids, my dad will build us a house and in that house will be a spacious room with generic wooden floors. I will invite people into my home, we'll do yoga and drink coffee afterwards.

Somewhere in there, I will read lots of books, maybe get another tattoo. I may have a full head of dreadlocks, or just really long hair. Not sure. I hope you're all rolling your eyes. Are you?! Ha! It worked.

Anyway, a few goals I have... I'd like to take piano lessons. I'd like to have a brindle Mastiff named Omar (named after a gay drug dealer from The Wire. Best show ever). I realized the other day that I hate drawing and I love painting, so I want to paint. I'd like to paint my whole house before we move.

I'm reading this book on the kindle called Mudhouse Sabbath. It's by Laura Winner (I read Girl Meets God in high school and it changed me... made me want to be a nerdy Jew). Mudhouse Sabbath... you'll just have to read the intro, but after reading the first three chapters, I was just reminded of the sense of purpose that we should be living with. A purpose to bring things to order, not chaos. Today it affected what I ate, how I drove, how I opened my store and counted money, how I talked to people, etc. It's good to be reminded. Anyway, I recommend it. I really appreciate some occasional structure and motions. There is grace and I don't think we need to do all these particular motions to get grace, but they can be good reminders when we forget how to act on what we believe. Just read the book, I'm not making any sense.

Tyler is taking the summer off of classes, and will finish in December of '13... but with his promotion at True, they asked him to stay for 2-3 more years. We are both excited to be close to my family and sort of "settle" in Tulsa... but we do love our home and our community. We have a big family here, and most of them don't share our name. I think it's pretty sweet that God allows us to build community with the unlikeliest people.

;/..pol;;;;;//////////////////////////////////////////////p0 A word from Charlotte's jowls.

The end.

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  1. I was gonna say. But I guess your last post was entertaining enough that I forgot that it didn't match the title. :)
    Ha, well I never know what to read so I go to the top 100 list and now I'm reading Beloved, which is strange.
    I love a good book recommendation.
    I'm so glad you have a community/family there. That's priceless.
    If you teach Yoga here, maybe I will actually get into it. That would be so fun!
    ALso, if you move here with your babies you will have so much free babysitting. I already promised Ange I would be her daycare. :)