Sunday, May 6, 2012

Would drain the ocean dry

Friday night I got to spend time with my dear friend Alisha. Tyler grilled steak and we made a salad, drank mediocre wine and went for a walk. Alisha is cool because my husband loves her too. It's not like she's just my friend, she's our friend and Tyler gets excited to have her over for dinner and catch up. They talk about the housing market and math, then Alisha and I go on a walk and talk about girl things. She gets Malbec mouth just like I do, so I don't feel embarrassed to smile with stained teeth.

Saturday morning I had a staff meeting. From there, I drove out to Wentzville to spend the day with Tyler's family. All the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping. From work to Wentzville is about an hour drive. I talked to half my family on the phone, so that was nice. My brother is funny - we talked about shoes because he enjoys that subject as much as I do. He kept calling the front of the shoe a "toe bucket," and I was like, "Dude, it's a toe box." We laughed and he made jokes about buckets of toes. It was gross. I miss him.

I will be spending a long weekend with my entire family in June at Grand Lake!!!!!!!!!! When we figured out we were going, I was in a good mood for a full day. Just pure excitement, like floating on a cloud. It'll be great.

It was nice to spend Saturday with Tyler's fam. Granny was there, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and baby. "I'll Have Another" won the race, and the jockey was so sweet. He was Hispanic and he cried so hard when he won. He said in a sweet little accent, "I.... I don't know what to say."

We dropped the bomb that we will not be going to Kentucky with the whole family for Memorial Day weekend. We've gone every year since we were dating. This is the first year that Papaw won't be there. I feel bad, and I know we hurt Sandy and Granny specifically. We really just need a weekend where I take off and don't have to go somewhere or do something. I cried on the drive home. Just a multitude of emotions.

We went to the Shead's Cinco De Mayo party Saturday night. A ton of pork butt, margaritas, and Mexican beer. It was a fun time. Lots of people were there. I really just wanted a hug from a close friend and to cry a little bit. I got that. And then we partied.

I slept in this morning, went to IGA for coffee and doughnut. After the song service I needed to cough a big one, so I went to the bathroom. When I walked back I saw the Shead's sitting outside. Today's service was a baby dedication... anyway, so I talked to them for a bit, then I felt weird going back into the service so I stayed outside and chatted. It reminded me of those Sundays after our church split and Karen Petty and I would skip Sunday school for some Daylight doughnuts and sausage rolls and Mountain Dew. We'd go in late to church and sit in the back. It was like death anyway, so why not be late for it. Those were sad days. Anyway, "skipping" today as a married adult felt slightly wrong, but baby dedications are pretty boring (sorry, that's evil I know). I only felt sad that I left Tyler sitting in the service without me. It was enjoyable though, to talk to my close friends and be in God's creation and be overwhelmed by how good God is. I went back in when the music started. I took communion and just felt overwhelmed because God's love is so huge. I just cry all the time, but I can't sing and cry at the same time. So I just cry.

We napped so hard today. I dreamed that I went into the Bethel Library, but it had been taken over by people outside the Church (capital C). I talked to the librarian who was a crazy yoga woman and when the said the word "animal" she said "canimal" in a weird accent. As we talked, more and more headbands were stacking around my neck and on my head. I had to keep pushing them out of my eyes. I was getting freaked out and I kept saying, "Ok, well thank you for the information," and trying to leave (like I did with the Juice Plus lady at the health fair the other day). I tried to walk out the front door of the library and she said, "What are you doing? You have to go out the basement door." At this point, I knew they were going to kidnap me. I walked down some stairs into a beautiful wooden basement where cloaked people were doing yoga/ninja moves and I easily walked out the basement door and ended up in the choir loft... but the auditorium was empty. Then I got out of there. Creepy dream. So many things mixed in there. I love how I can pinpoint why I dream things.

I went to the Community Garden to plant some seeds. Then our friends Keith and Holly picked us up and took us to a Mexican restaurant. It was authentic and it was amazing. We really like our new friends. They are goofy and Holly speaks Spanish. It's cool. She ordered in Spanish. Anyway, they showed up in our lives right as Lacy and Dustin were moving. Not that anyone replaced them, but it's amazing how God takes care of us and heals our broken hearts when things get taken away. I'm just thankful for that. Tyler and I went for a walk tonight. Charlotte got to play with her dad Mac. We walked around Frenchtown and it was beautiful. When we go for walks I think one of us always says, "I like our life," or "We have a good life." We do. So thankful for Community.

Anybody have any good book recommendations? Either health or Christian is what I'm thinking right now. Fiction, only if it's the next Hunger Games kind of series. Alyson, what's that daily devotional you always quote from?



  1. If you haven't read Pride and Prejudice, it's on the kindle. Books like that you can read every few years and enjoy them every time, I think.

    Oh, buckets of toes. Zach is hilarious.

    I'm so glad you were happy for an entire day over the lake trip. It will be awesomely special. Can't wait.

    Well, if a baby dedication took the entire service, we would probably skip out too. That's not nice.

  2. This is the sweetest and most affirming thing I have heard in a long time (especially the Malbec mouth part, hahahahahaha... it is soooo true). Thanks for being awesome married friends :)
    You will have such an awesome time at the lake. And taking a rest during memorial day.
    Have you ever done hot yoga? I think that someday when I can afford yoga, I want to try it.